Successfully Embedding Your R&D Service Offering

15th Sep 2020
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Launching a new service

Now you’ve trained your team and planned your process and delivery, it’s time to get going! Here’s our tips on how to successfully embed your new service offering.

1. Find your champion

As with any change in a business, you might need a champion to really push the service to the rest of the firm. If you’re the only one in the firm who’s planning to prepare R&D claims, then this duty will fall to you, otherwise you might have to appoint someone from within the team to take up the task.

2. Identify your low hanging flirt

As with any new service, it’s a good idea to test the process with a few hand-picked clients to make sure that it works and to help you iron out any bugs. These might be new claimants only, or just smaller claims, but the key thing is to make sure that enough claims are put through to give you enough data to analyse the process and make any required tweaks.

3. Think about marketing

Now’s the time to think about how you’ll let your client base know about your new product offering. There are no hard and fast rules here - it’s often down to how you prefer to communicate with your clients, and how many you have! 

It can be helpful to traffic-light your client lists at this point to identify those that you’re pretty sure would have eligible R&D work, those that you think might have some eligible work, and those that you’re pretty sure don’t do anything that would qualify. That way you can be more targeted in your messaging and ensure that you’re not spamming clients who wouldn’t be able to claim anyway!

4. Launch!

So, you’ve convinced the team, tested the process and planned your marketing - all you need to do now is roll it out far and wide!

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