Successfully selling a new service to your clients - 3 tips from the experts

14th Jan 2022
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So, you've built up a great client list and now you’re ready to expand your offering. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. Most businesses operate within restrictive budgets and may be trying to tighten their belts due to the events of the past two years. This means your clients may not want to pay for more services than they already are. But that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task.

You may find that your clients are more open to new services than you expected, as long as you can sell it to them in a way that makes them realise the positive impact the new services can have on their businesses. But how do you do this? In this blog, we’re sharing 3 of the best tips used by experts to bring clients onboard with your new value-added service.

  1. Identify their pain points

Every business has a unique set of paint points, including your clients. Pain points are essentially issues that they face regularly which may be holding them back in some way. By identifying the pain points that each of your clients are dealing with, you can figure out exactly what angle you’re going to sell your new service from. Identify the pain point and then ask yourself, how does this new service solve this specific problem for my client?

  1. Get them talking about their challenges

Once you’ve figured out what your clients' pain points are, a great way to lead into the discussion of your new service is to get them talking about it. Encouraging them to tell you about the challenges they're facing makes it feel less like you’re trying to sell them, and more like you’re listening to them and are trying to help.

You can do this during a client meeting that is already organised, or you can invite your clients out for a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere where they’re more likely to chat freely about their pain points. Why not tell them that their business is important to your bureau, and you’d like to take them out for a coffee to make sure that they’re happy with your service. They’ll likely be flattered by this and will go into the meeting feeling open to discussion and receptive to the new service.

  1. Offer the solution

So, you’ve figured out what your clients biggest pain points are, invited them out for a nice coffee and opened up a discussion of how these pain points are holding them back. Now, it’s time to offer the solution. By framing your new service from the point of view of the client’s pain points, they will feel grateful to have your advice and excited about the idea of solving those issues.

Pique their interest first by mentioning another client who found your new service solved similar pain points, and then give them more information when they inevitably ask you to explain it to them. If you think of it less as a sales pitch and more as friendly advice from an expert, then you’re likely to facilitate a conversation that ultimately leads to a happy client signing up to your new service.

Examples of payroll related pain points and how they can be solved:

One client’s pain point could be the fact that they have employees working from home and this makes internal communication awkward and ineffective. BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on to BrightPay Payroll Software that can help solve this issue with its employee self-service smartphone and tablet app. BrightPay Connect allows for document sharing between your clients and individual employees, teams or the entire company, streamlining internal communications. 

Another example could be the fact that they have a large number of employees and annual leave management takes up a huge amount of time. Surely there must be a better way? In this case, BrightPay Connect’s employee self-service portal provides the perfect solution for your client. Employees can request leave through their mobile app. The request instantly appears on their line managers/HR manager’s BrightPay Connect dashboard, where they can approve or deny it. Once they do, the employee receives a notification letting them know and the employee calendar is automatically updated. No more paperwork, filling out forms or having to send endless emails to organise employee leave - solving your clients pain point for them.

Find out what BrightPay Connect can do for your bureau

If a new service that includes powerful and innovative payroll and human resource features sounds like something your clients would be interested in, then it’s time to consider BrightPay Connect. Book your free demo with our expert team today, and they’ll show you just how beneficial it can be for your bureau and your clients.

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