Surviving the busiest tax busy season yet

12th Nov 2020
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IRIS publishes new guide to prepare and plan your way through pandemic pressure in busy season

We’re into the second COVID-enforced national lockdown.

With shutters coming down on offices yet again and in-person client meetings ceasing, it can only add to the pressure of busy season. 

This period is usually challenge enough for accountants and this is far from a normal year!

In fact, there has never been a year like it.

How can accountants navigate the challenges of busy season in 2020/21?

Key to getting through the coming three months unscathed will be acknowledging what lies ahead, and forming a plan to move forward in a cool and collected fashion.

This is why IRIS has launched a guide: busy season - succeeding in the pandemic, to provide a source of support at the time you need it most.

Each section offers a pragmatic view, with practical tips to prepare and proceed with a positive mindset and achievable aims.

What does the busy season guide contain?

The guide is intended to be both a starting point to for planning and an ongoing tool. It outlines the challenges ahead, and lessons learned from previous years, to help you identify common problem areas sooner rather than later.

A series of tips and tricks – spanning everything from digital solutions and working as a team, to better client management and billing – are designed to help you steal a march on busy season and feel in command of the situation.  

Is there a quick checklist?

A handy 20-point checklist forms part of the extensive new guide, which will help keep you on track before, during, and at the end of busy season.

It includes quick-tips for getting speedier client approvals, protecting your cashflow, managing trickier clients, and much more.

Given getting past the tax return deadline intact is partly about working smarter and more efficiently, this checklist could make a massive difference to surviving busy season in a pandemic – surely our biggest challenge yet.

What next?

This year has shown that accountants are an agile and resilient bunch.

So, while challenges undoubtedly lie ahead, this is a profession ready to rise to meet them head on.

Let IRIS help you succeed this busy season. Download the free guide here.

Click here to find out more about IRIS and potential solutions that could help you be fighting fit for busy season and 2021.