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Switching Payroll Providers? (5 quick tips)

7th Apr 2022
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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switching payroll software

Running an accounting firm comes with a never-ending list of responsibilities to attend to. Whether it’s managing clients’ issues or processing tax returns, there can be a lot to deal with, including which payroll software provider to choose. 

We get it, you need a payroll software provider that not only automates processes for you, but also improves your firm’s profitability in the long run. 

This is why switching software provider is something that payroll processors tend to put off, no matter how much they know new software would improve their workflow. 

We’ve come up with 5 tips to help you successfully switch payroll software provider. 

1. Run your new payroll software alongside your previous software 

Migrating your payroll data over to a new system is a daunting concept for both you and your staff. That’s why we recommend for bureaus to run their new payroll software alongside their previous payroll software, in parallel. 

This gives you time to implement the new software, and allocate any time needed for training. Doing this allows staff time to get used to the new software. Running both systems at once, allows you to cross-check data, ensuring everything is running smoothly before making the full switch. 

2. Expand the services you offer 

As an accountant, you most likely offer a vast range of financial services to your clients, which can be affected for better or worse when switching payroll software. 

Does your new software offer the tools you need to continue pleasing your clients – or better yet – does it provide new opportunities to offer even more services to them? 

That’s where BrightPay comes in. We offer a vast range of services that bureaus can provide to their clients, including the following: 

  • Direct payment services – pay employees in under 90 seconds from anywhere, anytime with our integration with the payments platform, Modulr. You can also directly pay subcontractors and HMRC, at just the click of a button. 

  • CIS – acquire a brand new client base with our full CIS functionality at no extra cost. Whether it’s verifying a new subcontractor or paying them weekly or monthly, it’s all possible thanks to our CIS functionality. 

  • Accounting Software Integration – BrightPay offers direct API integration with multiple accounting software providers, including QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Sage, allowing you to export your payroll data and import it directly into the accounting software. This saves you time, reduces your admin workload and prevents costly errors down the road. 

  • Pension Provider Integration – BrightPay is also integrated with many leading pensions providers across the UK, including The People’s Pension, Aviva, NEST and Smart Pension, with submissions made at the click of a button.  

  • HR management – with BrightPay's cloud extension, BrightPay Connect, we offer a client portal where your clients are offered a variety of features. Some of which include the ability to approve or reject employees’ annual leave requests, view payslips from anywhere at any time, and your ability to enter pay information and approve payroll summaries sent by the bureau. 

Interested in BrightPay Connect? Watch this short one-minute video on how BrightPay Connect can enhance your bureau’s service offering today. 

3. Read the fine print 

While choosing the cheapest payroll software provider can seem like the best option in the moment, there can often be many hidden costs involved that may go unnoticed until it’s too late. 

Some payroll providers require lengthy contracts, which can lead to your payroll software being even more expensive than it was before. This can be quite a frustrating situation to find yourself in, which is why it’s important to read the fine print before signing up to any software provider. 

Luckily, here at BrightPay, we offer a 60-day free trial with full functionality and you're not tied into any commitment or contract. Our licence operates on a per tax year basis too, so there are no long-term contracts involved and you must renew your licence to continue with the next tax year. If you unfortunately decide not to renew your licence, we don’t require any notice period. 

4. Get migration support 

Migrating your data from your previous system to a new one must be one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks in this entire process. Many payroll software providers are reluctant to provide migration support, or sometimes can accompany a hefty fee alongside it. 

Attention to detail is especially critical during this process, in order to avoid errors or issues arising in your new software. That’s why when you switch to BrightPay, we offer free migration support to those who are switching from a different payroll software provider. 

Book a free BrightPay migration consultation with us to start your journey with us today. 

5. Train your staff 

Unfortunately, a lot of bureaus overlook the importance of training staff competently in their new software. We understand that you likely don’t have a lot of time on your hands to train employees, but if you don’t train your staff, how will you get the most out of the software you just purchased? 

To train your staff on a busy schedule, we recommend that you allow them to explore the software themselves. This can be done using a variety of tools, including videos, product demos and self-help documents. Peer-to-peer learning can also be effective if you have a team learning the software together. 

Here at BrightPay, we offer free resources for all of our customers, including video tutorials, online webinars and guides that are completely free for you to use anytime. 

Interested in training your staff? Sign up for a free 15-minute demo to help them learn more about how BrightPay can benefit your business. 

Where can I learn more? 

Want more tips on switching your payroll software? We offer 5 further tips in our guide for successfully switching payroll software. In this guide we’ve identified the critical points involved in switching payroll software from working closely with our customers, so you can transition to your new payroll software as quickly as possible!