Take the legwork out of approving your client’s payroll

9th Feb 2021
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COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies for businesses. One reason for this is the new challenge of ensuring remote workers stay connected. While emails were once the only form of professional communication, businesses are beginning to use alternative communication methods. As we are no longer in the office, we no longer have any face-to-face communication, and because of this, many of us have noticed that our email inboxes are fuller than ever. It has become harder to filter through and prioritise our emails, which in turn leads to inefficacy. The use of online collaborative platforms and cloud project management tools has improved communication and increased productivity in the workplace.

As a bureau, when you email one of your clients to request their employees’ timesheets for that week or month, there are many factors which can lead to your client either:

  1. Not replying to you within an acceptable time frame,
  2. Not replying to you with enough information, or
  3. Not replying at all.

You may have hundreds of clients and contacting each by email, waiting for replies and the subsequent back and forth can become extremely time consuming and inefficient.

Your bureau may already use collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams or task management software like Asana to manage your employees, so why not use a cloud platform to manage your client’s payroll?

A cloud-based platform where clients can approve the payroll in real time

BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on that works alongside BrightPay Payroll. BrightPay Connect gives you a central cloud location where you can access all the tools you need for communicating with your clients to get their payroll entered, approved and finalised, ready for completing the payroll run.

Automate payroll processing and save yourself hours of unnecessary work

No matter how many clients you may have and no matter how many employees they have, you can batch send payroll entry requests at the touch of a button. Once the request has been sent, your clients will receive a notification on their dashboard. Clients can choose to make any additions or deductions to their employees’ pay, add a new starter for that period or leave any other instructions that they may have for you in the comment box. They can also upload timesheets or other spreadsheets to inform you of their employee’s hours worked for that week. This saves you from wasting time trawling through emails. Once you have reviewed the information entered by the client, any changes made will automatically flow down to your BrightPay Payroll software. This automation cuts down on errors that are more likely to happen when payroll details are entered manually.

BrightPay Connect serves as a reminder to your clients to make changes which they otherwise may have forgotten about; saving you from having to do unnecessary work down the line. Before the payroll is finalised, you can send your clients a payroll summary for approval, adding an extra layer of assurance that all information within that payroll is correct. The payroll approval function puts the responsibility of making sure there are no payroll errors on the client. From your dashboard, you can access a full audit trail of all payroll entries and approvals. 

Add security and improve GDPR compliance by using a cloud platform

As well as being inefficient, sending employee’s payroll details via email can also be risky. By using a cloud platform like BrightPay Connect, you and your clients can rest assured that payroll information containing sensitive personal data is secure, while also improving GDPR compliance. 

Being connected to the cloud means online access anywhere, anytime, for you and your clients. All payroll data is automatically backed up to the cloud which means extra security that you can restore payroll data if you ever need to. 

Book a demo today to discover more ways that BrightPay and BrightPay Connect can make payroll processing easier and more efficient. 

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