Take the pressure out of expenses. The busiest expense week is coming, are you prepared?

9th Dec 2019
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The holiday season is always a busy one, both at home and in the office. Gifts need buying, plans need making, and relatives need visiting. Plus, your expenses need submitting. In fact, we’re approaching the busiest expense week of the year.

People are rushing to finish projects before the year closes and office party season is in full swing, causing more business expenses than usual to be claimed. Your expense process needs to be capable of handling this increase at a time when nobody wants to be caught short of cash.

Having an automated expense process can make things simple. An employee travelling for work can have their e-receipts from flights, hotels, and restaurants pulled directly into their mobile app. Any paper receipts can be recorded with a quick snap from their camera and saved in the app too. There’s no more need for rummaging around for paper receipts and inputting data manually – the only thing they need to worry about is getting home for the holidays.

On average, Concur Expense cuts down reimbursement time by two-thirds. Expenses are submitted and reviewed on the same easy-to-use platform, greatly reducing manual input errors. This means there’ll be fewer rejected expenses and people will get their money back faster, at the time of the year they need it most.

Many a manager and business owner has started to sweat when they see the bill for a Christmas party. Concur Expense may not be able to help with that, but it can help give management full visibility about what has been expensed (and anything that shouldn’t have been!). The platform is customisable, so can be set to match a company’s expense policy and cut down on reviewing time.

Let Concur Expense take the pressure off expense management this holiday season – and give everyone back a little more time for the things that matter.