Tax Insider Report: Dividend Tax Saving Strategies Explained

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Today we’re releasing the 2018/19 version of our business tax report:  

>> Dividend Tax Saving Strategies Explained 

In this report, Jennifer Adams looks at the withdrawal of monies from a private limited company via the use of dividends. 

Used correctly, this method of withdrawal can form the basis of an effective tax planning strategy for directors.   

Here is what Jennifer is sharing with you in this guide: 

  • Dividend Payments 
  • ‘Legal’ And ‘Illegal’ Dividends 
  • Tax Planning 
  • Salary v Dividends - Which One or Both? 
  • Using a Director’s Loan Account ‘Correctly’ 
  • Share and Share Alike! Bonus Issues 
  • Traps to Avoid 

It is a must-have report for every business owner.   

Go here to learn more:

>> Dividend Tax Saving Strategies Explained

Dividend Tax Saving Strategies

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