Tax Insider Reports: Property Investment V Property Trading

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As you may know, at Tax Insider we produce fully comprehensive reports based on some of the most popular property and business tax matters. Each year we update these reports to ensure that we are providing the most relevant and up-to-date information. This month we have released the newly updated version of our 2019/20 popular property tax report Property Investment Vs Property Trading.

When looking at property investment and property trading activities, there are some major differences between the two approaches. The report considers the main differences between property investment and property trading activities, and their implications from a UK tax perspective. The report successfully evaluates some of the opportunities and pitfalls of both activities, and the different vehicles to undertake the respective activities.

Here is some of what is being shared with you in this guide:

  1. Assumptions
  2. Overseas Business
  3. Furnished Holiday Lettings (FHLs)
  4. Summary of Terms
  5. Trading Or Investment: Why Do We Care?
  6. Comparing Rental Profits With Trading Profits – Basic Principles
  7. Pitfalls And Challenges
  8. Trading v Investing: Individuals And Partners In A Partnership
  9. New Cash Bases Of Deriving Taxable Profits
  10. Trading v Investing – Through A Company
  11. Other Issues – Non-Corporates v Companies

This is a must-have report for everyone who is involved with property tax.

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Property Investment V Property Trading