Tax Insider Tip: 5 Sample Tax Saving Strategies

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Tax Insider wantsto share some of the typical tax saving strategies that our tax experts regularly write for our subscribers.
Below you will find 5 sample strategies from our Tax Insider, Business Tax Insider and Property Tax Insider newsletters that have proved popular with our subscribers in 2017:
1. Do Spousal Dividends Still Work?
Peter Rayney considers how spousal (or civil partner) dividend planning is affected by the new dividend rules.
2. Case Studies – Common Landlord Tax Mistakes
HMRC have recently published a series of case studies which aim to help landlords avoid common mistakes when working out and reporting income and profit from renting out property. Some of the situations covered by the case studies are explored in this article.
3. A Controversial Landlord Tax Manoeuvre?
An article which appeared in the Daily Telegraph made waves in the tax world as it concerned what was described as ‘a controversial tax manoeuvre’...
4. New ‘Marriage Allowance’ - Good News for Family Companies
Lee Sharpe points out that the new so-called Marriage Allowance is not quite what it seems – but that could be good news for some family companies.
5. How Much Can I Receive Tax-Free In 2017/18?
Lee Sharpe looks at the optimal mix of incomes to make best use of readily available allowances, etc., in the tax year 2017/18.
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