Tax Insider Tip: Essential Strategies For Landlord Tax Reductions

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A famous advertisement by Morgan Stanley once read “You must pay taxes. But there’s no law that says you gotta leave a tip.”

So are you leaving a tip, or in other words, overpaying your taxes?
Here are just three essential tax reduction strategies that we are sharing as part of our 'three-free-issue' Property Tax Insider trial:
1) The Big Tax Misconceptions About Property Repairs
Lee Sharpe looks at the little known rules for claiming tax relief on epenses incurred before you first let a property and shows how you can make big income tax savings.…

2) Property Transfers – Tax Tips and Traps
We look at some of the opportunities and pitfalls that commonly arise when transferring property ownership...
3) Landlords: Beware the Deferred Capital Gains Tax Pitfall
Alan Pink highlights a tax issue that landlords often forget and points to some potential ways out of the pitfall.
As part of our 'three-free-issue' Property Tax Insider trial, you'll get these 3 strategies plus 9 more delivered to your doorstep.
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