Tax Insider Tip: IR35 - Employed or Self-employed?

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As you may be aware, we recently released the updated version of our IR35: Tax Tips for Contractors Report.

>> IR35: Tax Tips for Contractors

What Is IR35? The IR35 rules are anti-avoidance rules, which were introduced with effect from 6 April 2000 in respect of services performed on or after that date. The measures were introduced to target workers predominantly in the IT industry who resigned from their job on a Friday and started in a self-employed capacity on the following Monday in essentially the same role.

However, their application is not limited to the IT industry – they potentially apply to any worker who provides his or her services through a personal service company or other intermediary. Off-payroll working and IR35 is an area that creates a lot of discussion amongst tax advisers and taxpayers, and some confusion too.

In this special 15,500+ word report, Sarah Bradford explains when IR35 applies, the new rules for off-payroll working in the public sector and gives some useful pointers and tips to make sure contractors don’t fall into the common IR35 traps.

Read the short excerpt here:

>> IR35: Employed or Self-employed?

Don’t forget to purchase the report to ensure that as a contractor you do not fall into any IR35 traps.

IR35 - Tax Tips for Contractors

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