TaxCalc Webinar - Building a Stable Practice in an Unstable World

14th Oct 2021
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Webinar Building a stable practice


Accounting firms have had to deal with waves of change for decades. And with challenges such as the ongoing effect of COVID on your practice and clients, the need to navigate MTD, IR35 regulations and numerous investigation regimes, plus the threat of user-friendly tax and banking technologies potentially taking business away – the future can seem daunting. 


At TaxCalc we believe that, in an uncertain world, firms need a stable partner to help them adapt and thrive.

In this hour-long immersive and interactive session, we’ll draw on the experience and expertise of Beach Accounting’s Gavin Spencer who, in the space of three years transformed his practice without disrupting his core revenues. We also have the expertise of our very own Dean Shepherd – Director of Product Compliance – who established, re-branded, franchised and eventually sold his practice before making a move into the world of financial technology.


Webinar Presenters


Discussion areas include:

Building a robust and flexible business strategy

  • Where to start
  • Factors you need to consider
  • Embedding your strategy into your firm

Building flexibility into your team

  • What are you aiming for?
  • How do you evaluate what you've got?
  • How do you minimise the disruption of change?

Taking clients on your journey

  • What is an ideal outcome for you and your clients?
  • How to present and execute change with minimum disruption
  • Taking advantage of external factors such as MTD

Grey Line

This is our clarion call to all practices with the appetite to seize the day and embrace change. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

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