Tech Talk: Jason Green from D.A. Green & Sons

5th Apr 2019
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Welcome to Tech Talk, a monthly catch-up with an accountant in practice to find out the effect that technological changes have had on the industry over the years.

Jason Green

Jason Green heads the team at St Ives and Newmarket-based firm D.A. Green and Sons, working primarily with sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and LLPs. The firm helps clients with their finance, accounting and taxation and it also offers payroll services and statutory audits.

Jason, who qualified with Deloitte, has been running his own practice for the last 10 years and helping owner managed businesses for more than 20 years.

Jason, what’s the first piece of technology you interact with when you step inside your office?

The first piece of tech I interact with is Outlook. It’s what I use to check my emails. Although I have to admit I pretty much check my emails all the time as I can also see them from my phone. 

Can you tell us about the tech set up within your practice?

We've got a terminal service set-up so everybody is connected to everything remotely at any time. We generally use Thomson Reuters Digita products for accounts, personal tax and corporation tax. When the clients use other solutions, we also adapt by accessing online their preferred software.

How has the setup changed since you started out?

Since I started working as an accountant everything has moved online or become cloud-based. Everything has become much more automated, which means we can have more direct interaction with the clients day-to-day. 

Also, rather than getting back ups and restoring we now have online access to their data at any time.

What three considerations did you make when choosing the technology for your practice?

Generally speaking, I would say the most important considerations are security, the reliability of the software and the cost of the product. 

Do you have any favourite technology products at work and at home and why?

My favourite one at work is Digita, especially because of the ease of use and because we can access it from anywhere. Also, because all the products link into each other, the tax and the accounts software.

Outside of the office I tend to only use the office systems anyway as I tend to do work from home.

Otherwise I don't use much technology outside of work besides sometimes social media and perhaps to monitor the alarm systems, which are linked to my phone. 

Can you tell me about a recent project or process that you made better, faster, smarter or more efficient?

With Digita we've been using their Onvio solution to enable us to get tax returns filed or signed online. We can now email the tax return to a client and they can sign it electronically and send it back to us, so that really speed things up because we are not waiting for the post. We've been using that a lot for the last six months. 

Is there a task that you prefer doing manually, instead of using tech?

I think pretty much we try to do most things with tech now, one way or another. There's not much we do manually anymore. 

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