The 3 problems you must solve to streamline how you work

14th Nov 2018
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Most people suffer from doing too much:


If you reduce or even remove these activities, you streamline how you work.

Streamlining saves time and gets more work done.

Logical Office LITE does this, and more.

TYPING is reduced by using standard templates.

FILING is reduced by creating communications in the client file.

EMAILS are copied from Ms-Outlook direct to client files, and attached to jobs, so no filing.

Seeing all client communications in one place = NO SEARCHING.

These methods work for emails, letters, file notes and text messages.

Merging data direct from client files means no typing, and no typing errors.

It sounds simple and obvious, yet thousands of users waste their time typing customer data into emails and letters, then copying important emails to Outlook folders or navigating windows folders and creating document names – all completely unnecessary.

Some users actually print emails and place them in paper files, wasting time, toner, and paper. Dickensian!

Logical Office is a better way of working and pays for itself many times over.

At just £20+VAT per month/user, the payback is substantial.

Further streamlining is achieved by using our standard library of Workflows.

Logical Office LITE is a complete Paperless Office solution. The seamless integration of Data encryption & Portal with E-Signing complete the list of features you need to streamline client service in full compliance with GDPR.

LITE is expandable to include XERO integration, Mail Shots, Time Recording and Workflows.

Contact Logical Office now for more details about how you can streamline your office methods, turning wasted time into billable hours.

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