The AI powered way to understand a business

Brought to you by Runagood ®

The way we work, produce and live is rapidly changing mostly thanks to the current state of information technologies. We are in an age where every SME is able to harvest unprecedented amounts of information on any aspect of their business. Hence, it is no longer the problem of gathering or storing of these data but making sense out of it in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

AI isn’t expensive

Certainly, advanced computing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), available to large enterprises make the process much more potent and profitable. Yet, in most cases investing in these expensive technologies for small/medium sized businesses is not an option.

Fast decisions at low cost

Created with all these problems and opportunities in mind, Runagood® pioneers affordable, intelligent data analysis for small business and accountants. It offers AI-powered “cloud business advice” where machines learn, analyse and streamline business decisions and implementation within minutes for fractions of the cost of conventional business advisory/consultancy services.

Small Firms Database

Runagood®’s AI collects and processes industry-specific, real-life data to calculate the value, forecast growth and health of any organisation by reference to its unique small firms’ database and algorithms. These originate from its founder Duncan Collins’ 22 years of government consultancy work with over one million small businesses, that raised the UK’s competitiveness from 21st to 7th place in the international league table.

Scalable even for start-ups

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Runagood® AI is scalable for both new and established small businesses wishing to discover vulnerabilities, opportunities and unleash potential. The strength of the system is that not only does it give current state and health of the organisation but also future projections to help make informed decisions.

Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces make its powerful analysis tools accessible, provide detailed insights and effective implementation methods, empowering small businesses to do more in increasingly competitive markets.

Wholly new market for accountants

Runagood® technology blended with accountants’ existing knowledge and expertise opens a completely new market for a previously unreachable new client base of 5.5m small businesses in the UK alone. By automating and standardising business analysis, planning, performance and value improvement actions, accountants can offer a comprehensive, high value, high volume business advisory services to their clients, however small.

Accountant diversification

Runagood®’s promise to offer reliable, professional and fast advice to small businesses anywhere, anytime is a critical asset especially in times of social and economic uncertainty.

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