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The benefits of an online payroll approval facility

11th Feb 2019
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A time consuming part of payroll is requesting and receiving employee hours and timesheets from your payroll clients. Today, managing and tracking this information is much easier thanks to online tools and applications. Furthermore, an online payroll approval facility allows bureaus to securely send their clients a payroll summary before the payroll is finalised. Clients can review and authorise the payroll details for the pay period through an online employer dashboard. Ultimately, your client becomes accountable for ensuring the payroll information is 100% correct before the payroll is finalised.

Employee Hours / Timesheet Upload

Accurately recording clients’ employee hours is a real challenge for any payroll bureau. Cloud payroll portals now allow clients to securely add their employee’s hours, saving bureaus hours of administrative time and minimises potential errors. Modern file upload or timesheet software solutions have advanced payroll integration and automation benefits. Clients can easily enter employee hours plus additions and deductions that have been set up by the bureau on the payroll software to be included by the payroll client.

Additionally, cloud portals also have the ability to add new starters including name, address, date of birth, NI number, email address, phone number, Tax Code, NI table letter, start date, starter declaration and if a student loan deduction plan is applicable. Once the employee hours and new starters have been submitted by the employer and checked by the bureau, these details can be automatically downloaded and added to employer file on the payroll software.

Client Approval Functionality

Enabled by cloud technology, client approval functions is transforming how payroll bureaus manage their client requests and payroll services. Gone are the days of having to email back and forth with clients requesting employee hours or final authorisation for the payroll information each pay period. By using a cloud platform, bureaus can securely send their clients a payroll summary for approval before the payroll is finalised. Clients can then review and authorise the payroll details for the pay period through their online employer dashboard. Once the Payroll Entry Request has been submitted by the employer and checked by the bureau, the new employee's details will be automatically downloaded, added and updated to the payroll software.

Payroll Audit Trail

The payroll audit trail has transitioned from a manual process to automated online logs that keep track of the communication between you and your clients. Cloud based platforms will record each of the requests and interactions with clients making this transactional information more accurate, readily accessible and usable. Should clients ever question the payroll, bureaus can provide a historical record of the requests, including the date and contact details which is vital in adhering to ever-tightening Service Level Agreements.

Online payroll platforms are central to the future of Payroll

The day-to-day tasks of annual leave management, payslip distribution, uploading employee hours and backing up your payroll files can be process-driven and handled by cloud technology. The payroll and HR landscape is fast evolving as business savvy bureaus move towards new-world online technologies offering:

  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Client online portal
  • Employee self-service & epayslips access
  • Employee smartphone app
  • Annual leave automation
  • Employee hours / timesheet upload
  • Client approval functionality
  • Payroll audit trail of client communications
  • Managed employee records

Your payroll and HR processes can be more integrated with the cloud and streamlined with your payroll software than ever before. Offering payroll services is all about efficiency and there are several exciting developments that are happening right now in the cloud. Download the guide below to find out how feasible it can be for payroll to be your profit centre for growth.


Written by Karen Bennett | BrightPay Payroll Software

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