The benefits of client payroll entry in the cloud

28th Apr 2021
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Data entry, client communications and the long list of everyday payroll administration tasks are all part and parcel of running a busy payroll bureau. But wouldn’t it be great if technology could step in to make some of these tasks faster, more efficient and more transparent?

Payroll has moved into the digital age, with modern software tools now at the heart of most payroll bureaus. Cloud-based products, such as BrightPay Connect, are making it easier not just to reduce the admin, but to allow your clients to take a more significant role in entering, reviewing and approving their payroll information in the cloud.

The value of moving your client interactions to the cloud

A traditional desktop-based approach to payroll gets the job done, but also involves a lot of pinging backwards and forwards of emails, spreadsheets and timesheets to ensure that you’ve accounted for the correct hours, pay, holiday hours and sick pay before running the payroll.

This back and forth of queries, answers and payroll information can be highly time-consuming, and also prone to human error, missed emails or miscommunication. But by utilising all the key benefits of a cloud-based payroll hub, you can make this a more open and efficient process.

BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay on your PC or Mac that introduces powerful new features, such as cloud back-up of your payroll data, an employee self-service hub and an employer dashboard for use by your bureau clients.

The employer dashboard is the key to improving the efficiency of your payroll process. This dashboard allows you to create ‘one point of truth’ where all the payroll data sits, with both you and your clients able to access this centralised area. 

This means clients can:

  • View the online dashboard for their own company payroll
  • Access the payroll data for all their employees
  • Edit and update employee information, contact details and pay rates etc.
  • Set annual leave and manage employee holidays
  • View their employer payroll calendar and see all relevant payroll dates
  • View payroll reports to track and monitor their payroll, and their schedule of HMRC payments etc.

Getting clients more involved in their payroll run

Having this online access to their payroll information makes the whole payroll process more transparent for your clients. But it also means they can get interactive with their payroll too, using the employer dashboard to delve into Client Payroll Entry and Payroll Approval – all carried out in the cloud without a single email chain or phone call being needed.


Clients can enter their own payroll information directly into BrightPay Connect, all synced to your main BrightPay payroll software on your Mac or PC. This gets business clients more involved in their payroll and also cuts out hours of time-consuming data entry on your part.

This has a number of benefits, both for the bureau and your clients:

  • Automatic syncing of payroll data – payroll information that’s been input by your client is then automatically synced from Bright Connect to your client’s payroll file on your main device. This automation is a huge time-saver and streamlines the payroll process.
  • No duplication of data entry – you no longer need to re-key the employee payroll information that’s sent by the client. The client carries out the data-entry in BrightPay Connect and this information is then synced with the bureau’s payroll file.
  • A more effective client approval process – your client can review, edit and approve the payroll information before the payroll is run. Doing this in the cloud, through their centralised employee dashboard, speeds up the process and makes approval more effective and more secure.
  • Greater transparency of the payroll process – clients can see exactly what’s going on with the payroll process at any given point. So they’re more likely to spot errors, missed employees or incorrect hours and pay rates – making it easier to amend these before the payroll run and cutting out any last minute panics.
  • More control for the bureau – with all the employee and payroll information in one centralised hub, your bureau staff have far more visibility and control over the payroll process – meaning errors, updates and amendments can quickly be actioned before you sync and run the payroll file. 
  • Seamless integration with BrightPay – any employee information (hours, pay rates, holiday etc.) is seamlessly synced from the cloud to your employer file in BrightPay. Everything is always up to date and the whole process is automatic.
  • Tracking of the client audit trail – every client interaction, edit and data-entry point is trackable, allowing you to follow this breadcrumb trail back to resolve any problems or errors, or to prove when (and if) the correct information was entered/updated.
  • GDPR compliant data-sharing – BrightPay Connect uses the Microsoft Azure platform to share data between you and your clients. All data transmitted to and from the cloud service is secured using SSL over HTTPS, making it safe, secure and compliant with the latest data protection requirements under the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

Try Client Payroll Entry and Approval with BrightPay Connect

Introducing BrightPay Connect is the quickest and simplest way to improve the efficiency of your payroll process. Give your clients the added value of their own employer dashboard and see the difference that client payroll entry and approval make to your bureau’s workload.

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