The CFO Agenda 2021: Your toolkit for successfully returning to the office

30th Jul 2021
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A lot has happened in the past year – especially when we look at the way we have been working, not only in finance but in every industry that has been forced to work remotely.

Working from home has required implementing digital tools that enable us to work from places other than the office, gain access to our data, and connect with colleagues remotely. Flexibility was key to getting tasks done, but flexibility was not the only benefit that came from implementing new ways of working.

We also saw that we can increase performance and efficiency by adopting new ways of doing business. So, while the last year working from home has been a trying year in many ways, some learnings are here to stay and those will undoubtedly influence your role as a finance professional in terms of the expectations and requirements needed to deliver on expected demands.

In this guide, we are narrowing in on the changes that we see in the finance department. We also focus on how you handle going back to the physical office and ensure that you implement the past year’s learnings to avoid falling back into old habits.

Download and read the full guide here