The clock’s ticking for HMRC to resolve 2016/17 online self-assessment exclusions

Brought to you by BTCSoftware

BTCSoftware CEO, Rob Ellis, was happy to share insight with AccountingWEB for its recent article - Partial fix for tax return filing problems. The article was in response to HMRC’s recent efforts to resolve current problems in their 2016/17 self-assessment online tax return filing computations.

HMRC has been working with software developers, such as BTCSoftware, to remove a number exclusions. Left unresolved these could mean HMRC will have to cope with a big influx of paper-based returns. HMRC has said it hopes a fix to the 2016/17 self-assessment tax calculation by Monday 23 October.

Pressure has been on HMRC’s digital team for some time to resolve the current technical problems, as many returns are submitted from October onwards – see this article from July: A rise in HMRC category exclusions for tax returns filed online

BTCSoftware is one of the software developers who have been working very closely with HMRC in testing the new software standards. 

Rob Ellis says, “We have been working hard to ensure our software integrates effectively with HMRC’s new version of the tax computation when it is released on 23 October.”

So far, BTCSoftware has spent the equivalent of 14 working weeks to implement and test the October changes with HMRC. It has every intention its self-assessment software will be ready for HMRC’s release date. 

Disappointingly, a number of exclusions for online filing still remain unresolved by HMRC.  These will be incorporated in BTCSoftware’s new self-assessment software release. Read more about the current state of play here.

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