The Cloud Revolution: Transforming the Future of Payroll

29th Jul 2020
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The British Museum today houses a 5,000-year-old clay tablet pay stub, the earliest surviving payslip, discovered just four years ago in modern Iraq. That clay artifact shows that workers were compensated back then with beer, bread, grain, meat and cloth rations. We know from other pay-related artifacts recovered from the Roman empire 3,000 years later that soldiers were paid in salt.

Computerised payroll didn’t come into being until the 1960s and prior to that handwritten ledgers were the order of the day. Many advances have been made in computerised payroll since its introduction, for example, printed paper payslips have more or less become a thing of the past, with emailed payslips being the preferred method of distributing payslips in recent years. 

The Cloud Revolution

Today, cloud technology has accelerated way beyond the modest leaps of times past in a very short time scale and made managing payroll more sophisticated, more secure and less burdensome. 

It may be hard to appreciate the benefits of what cloud has brought to payroll had you not experienced the context of what payroll management had been like just a few short years ago. Up until the cloud revolution, payroll was considered a largely manual, admin-heavy, inflexible process.

With a cloud system, such as BrightPay Connect, payroll bureaus can now delegate many of the more repetitive and time-consuming tasks to their clients, while simultaneously introducing a number of benefits for bureaus, clients and employees.

Here are three ways cloud automation is positively changing the future of payroll:

Payroll Security: 

We have moved on from the way our predecessors kept records, and thankfully the days of paper documents in filing cabinets look numbered. Studies have shown that more than 70% of businesses would be unable to operate within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of their paper-based records due to fire or flood. Storing records on in-house servers fares better, but it is no match to what’s possible with the cloud.

With BrightPay Connect, payroll information is automatically backed up to the cloud every 15 minutes to a secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform. A chronological history of all payroll backups is maintained, and these backups can be restored at any time, if required.


Because the payroll information is stored online with BrightPay Connect, clients have access to a secure online employer dashboard. Payslips, payroll reports and amounts due to HMRC are automatically available to the client as soon as the payroll is finalised, eliminating tedious email communications with clients. 

Employees can also have access to their own self-service portal where they can log in on any internet browser or via the employee tablet and smartphone app. Employees have immediate, round the clock access to their payslip library, payroll documents, personal contact details, annual leave calendar and they can also request annual leave through the employee portal and app

Leave requests appear as notifications on the client’s online dashboard, and once approved by the client, the leave will automatically be added to the online employer and employee calendars. The leave will also be automatically added to the payroll software on the bureaus PC in real-time. 

Reduce Payroll Processing Time: 

Cloud integration eliminates a lot of the time-consuming activities involved in the payroll process. With BrightPay Connect, bureaus can request employee’s payroll information from the client for the pay period. The client can then enter their employee’s hours, payments, additions and deductions into their secure online portal, and once reviewed by the bureau, all the information entered by the client will automatically flow through to the payroll system. 

The constant improvement that has led to today’s modern payroll can only continue as we are only at the beginning when it comes to what the cloud can offer. 

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