The Connected Accountant – New Series of Webinars

11th Jun 2019
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The Connected Accountant 

The Connected Accountant three part webinar series will help you become better connected with your clients & prospects. As the world we live and work in becomes increasingly digitised, the ways in which accountants and their clients can connect, collaborate, communicate and collect information are being reshaped. This creates uncertainties; but also significant opportunities. We’ve put together a series of 3 practical webinars which outline a simple, proven and painless approach to becoming better connected and ways to maximise the digital opportunity.

The Connected Accountant Part 1: Challenges and opportunities facing modern accountants, hosted by Dan Richards, looks at why digitisation is here to stay and the key challenges and opportunities that technology brings. Dan discusses what is the ‘principal’ decision each firm needs to take with regards to client experience, communication, reputation, recruitment, marketing, efficiency, and foundations for the future. This first webinar in the series can be watched now by registering here: 

The Connected Accountant Part 2 - Proven ways to better communicate with your clients 

Date/Time: Tuesday 9th July at 2pm

Register here:

The Connected Accountant Part 3 - Improving client experience

Date/Time: Tuesday 6th August at 2pm 

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