The endless benefits of using a self-service portal

7th Oct 2019
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Self-service portals. They're so hot right now. Everyone is talking about them around the water coolers...but what are they? Is it a type of buffet? A gateway to another dimension? No, it’s a revolutionary new way of maximising your time and resources and minimising your workload.

A self-service portal is simply a software based platform that you can use to store and disseminate information to a large number of people. It is cloud based so any change you make, either as an employer or employee, will automatically update for whoever else is on the platform. It can be used for both Payroll and HR and can benefit employers and employees alike. DO TELL?!

Employers - “Online self-service portal”

  • As an employer or payroll bureau, the online portal allows you to log in and access your payroll data. 
  • As an employer, you can also view the company’s annual leave calendar and approve leave (of course you can have 3 weeks off in a row) and access HMRC reports and payment details. 
  • As a payroll bureau, you can access an overview of all the client’s payroll information.

Employees - “Employee self-service portal”

  • If you are an employee then you are going to love this feature. For example, if you move house you no longer have to swim through miles of red tape to have your address changed by payroll. You can simply log in to the portal and update your personal details and hey presto, your employer approves and it’s done! 
  • You can also access your payroll information and view important documents that have been uploaded by the employer. 
  • You can not only view your payslips (which minimises waste and is good for the planet so you can be both efficient) but you can download them, print them and even view historic payslips. Employees will get a notification straight to their phone via the smartphone payroll app so there’s no need for the employer to email them.
  • Oh... did I not mention the app? That’s right folks, not only is this software easy-to-use, efficient and cheap, employees can access the BrightPay Connect app via their smartphone or tablet! So you can log in anytime to access your payslips to show your potential mugger that you’re broke with a capital B and not worth the trouble. 

The employer can also use the self-service portal to add employee hours. There is really no other option but to invest in this immediately because the future is now and it is literally in your hands. It’s 2019, be your own PA!

So, if you want to save time on:

  • Employee management
  • Document distribution
  • Training management
  • Managing staff leave
  • Updating employee information
  • Life in general

...then head on over to BrightPay who offer a snazzy bit of kit called BrightPay Connect. This payroll portal is an add-on to the already brilliant, award-winning, BrightPay Payroll software and includes all of the features mentioned above. Book a free demo today and start living your best life by visiting


Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software