The evolution of BrightPay Connect

16th Aug 2019
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Behind every great achievement, there is an origin story. Isaac Newton discovering gravity by an apple falling on his head; Columbus discovering the New world by trying to get a shortcut to India; me, who never went to a class in my first year of uni but still got a 2.2 by absolutely winging it. BrightPay Connect is the crowning glory of BrightPay Payroll Software and it too has a history steeped in chance and intrigue.

So BrightPay has been around for donkey's years, but the idea for what is now BrightPay Connect started out as an idea for simply finding a way to automate the payroll backup to a secure location. And while the backup was being stored remotely, to optionally allow employees access to their current and historical payslips. Simple.

Well, this feature was such a hit that customers were soon asking if there could be a way for employees to change their personal details also. This idea evolved and the customers, drunk on power, then suggested that maybe employees could request leave and that the employer, in deciding whether to approve these requests, would be able to access and view a company-wide calendar to see who else was on leave on the requested dates. And this is where BrightPay drew the line and told their customers to stop being so greedy.

JUST KIDDING! That was when BrightPay Connect, an optional cloud add-on, was born. Back in 2017 the ability to upload documents, such as employment contracts, was added. These are sent to an employee self-service portal so that all such documents would be easily accessible to employees and the employer would also know if and when they had been viewed. Next came a fancy custom employee smartphone app which allows employees to access this platform anytime, anywhere. So although not our intention starting out, with all this innovation we ended up years later with a fairly complete HR system suitable for small businesses and there is no doubt that the list of HR features will continue to grow. 

But not content with simply meeting customers’ demands, the BrightPay Connect wizards were back at it again, and last year we launched two new bureau features: Client Payroll Entry and Client Payroll Approval. The first of these enables payroll bureaus to send payroll requests to their clients via the cloud platform and any information entered by the client will seamlessly flow through to the bureau’s portal, ready to sync back to the payroll software. The Client Payroll Approval allows bureaus to securely send a payroll summary to clients before payroll is finalised, making the client accountable for ensuring the payroll information is 100% accurate before finalising. *insert devious laugh here*

Yeah, that’s right, we did ALL THAT. Our customers rave about BrightPay Connect for obvious reasons. It’s super easy to set up, taking only seconds to sync your employees, and employers can access their employees’ details from anywhere, any device. Who knows what else is in store for us but whatever it may be, our future is Bright. ;)

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