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The evolution of payroll & what does the future hold!

19th Sep 2018
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The payroll landscape has certainly evolved over the last twenty years. Payroll processors have had to deal with many legislation changes over the last number of years, including RTI and the well renowned arrival of auto enrolment. However, the role of payroll is now playing a more important role than ever in the success of a business. Fundamentally, the payroll department is the cornerstone of every business.

Approaches to the way employees engage with payroll processes are also evolving to a more engaged, accessible and automated method. Progressive organisations are streamlining their payroll and HR processes on a central system where payroll bureaus, clients and employees can instantly manage holiday leave, access payslips, upload payroll hours and process HR duties through online platforms.

Moving into the Cloud

The world of payroll continues to evolve as more organisations move towards cloud portals and self-service systems for payroll clients and their employees. Significant advancements in cloud technology have allowed for the ability to offer clients secure online access to view their payroll reports and their employees’ payslips. Cloud employee smartphone apps are increasingly popular as employees want to manage their payroll information on the go. Cloud applications allow employees to view and download current and historical payslips, request annual leave, view leave taken and leave remaining and manage personal HR documents such as contracts of employment.

Recent research from CIPP states:

“We cannot escape the fact that technology enhancements is impacting every element of our personal and working lives, and will continue to do so. Payroll professionals believe that technology is making them more efficient, but that there are further efficiencies which could be gained through integration with finance and HR systems.”

Software companies who do not invest in research and development will be left behind. Customers want more from their technology and are moving away from outdated legacy systems towards systems that can offer increased efficiencies. Cloud technology is impacting every part of business processing, both at an employee and an employer level. Increased efficiencies are also being gained in payroll through cloud dashboards, API integration with accounting software systems and API integration with pension providers.

As the role of payroll software expands, more organisations recognise that payroll is more than just providing a payslip. There is a definite shift away from this static process to a more all-encompassing employee engagement platform. Cloud payroll applications such as BrightPay Connect allow users to easily manage their payslips, request leave and access their personal HR documents such as contracts of employment.

Why BrightPay Connect is the Future

BrightPay Connect offers cloud technology to make the payroll process more efficient and secure. Payroll bureaus can invite their clients to their personal online dashboard where payroll reports are automatically available once the payroll has been finalised. This eliminates the need to download these payroll reports and email them to clients each pay period. Payroll clients can access an employee-wide leave calendar where they can approve or reject leave requests. Clients can also view all employee payslips.

Employees can access their own online employee portal or employee app on their smartphone where they can access payslips and view their payroll information. Employees can request annual leave on the go and view leave taken and leave remaining. Payroll bureaus benefit as the number of employee requests for historical payslips or leave balance enquiries are no longer an issue.

There’s even more exciting news! Over the coming months, we are working on adding a new client entry feature which will allow payroll clients to input employee hours or upload a CSV file directly onto BrightPay Connect. The employee hours automatically synchronise with the employer payroll file on the bureau’s PC, ready for processing. Bureaus also have the ability to send a payroll summary report to the client before the payroll is finalised, which can then be approved by the client. The timesheet facility will be available by the end of 2018.

Customer Reviews of BrightPay Connect

  • “Their connect platform provides transparency between employees and employers.” Nolan Regent , Toulouse Lautrec
  • “The connect self-service platform is fantastic for delivering reports and payslips by secure means.” Michael Wilson ACIPP, Meiring Chartered Certified Accountants
  • “BrightPay Connect, oh my goodness, not only do we love Brightpay Connect, but our clients’ and their employees love it too!” Annamarie Angell , Deadline Accounting Ltd

Written by Karen Bennett | BrightPay Payroll Software


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