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Xledger is a leading provider of next-generation cloud-based finance software. 

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The Future Accountant: Unlocking time and resources to gain a competitive advantage

16th Feb 2022
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Xledger is a leading provider of next-generation cloud-based finance software. 

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Xledger is hosting an insightful panel discussion on The Future Accountant – Unlocking time and resources to gain a competitive advantage.

While 2021 was beset with socioeconomic turbulence, 2022 offers renewed optimism and growth potential. With many firms and their clients adopting a hybrid working model across multiple time zones and geographies, it has never been more important for accountants to be equipped with accurate data and technology to ensure streamlined workflows and error-free data.

According to a recent study, employees spend approximately 416 hours a year on repeated efforts that could be automated while more research shows that around 90% of spreadsheets used in finance functions contains errors. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the future, firms must be able to unlock time and resources for themselves as well as for their clients, in exchange for more strategic and meaningful work.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

–          Why accountants must strive for a consolidated view of their client’s data

–          How automation can lead the way for more strategic work

–          The importance of error-free data in a digital world

–          Looking ahead: the future of accountancy and key insights for 2022


You will hear from:

Rosalie Tengey, Partner Development Manager at Xledger

Rosalie works with accountants to help them grow their businesses by partnering with cloud finance software, Xledger. As a dedicated Partner Development Manager, Rosalie is growing the partner network for Xledger and empowering more accountants with the edge they need win and retain clients in the mid-market space.

Riaz Kala, Associate Director at Haines Watts

Riaz works with business owners to ensure they use the latest technology within their business processes, helping them grow and achieve their goals. Riaz is a ACCA qualified accountant and has been working with small businesses for over 10 years, the last 6 years with cloud accounting technology. In his role as Associate Director at Haines Watts Manchester, Riaz enjoys building cloud-based finance functions to help clients save time by making processes and systems more efficient to create accurate financial data, used to produce meaningful reports to support decision making.

Richard Spofforth, Partner and head of Accounts and Outsourcing at Kreston Reeves

Richard is a member of Kreston Reeves Management Board, leads the Sussex region and heads up the accounts and outsourcing service offering. He has considerable experience in innovating and leveraging technology to transform and differentiate businesses. Richard works with businesses looking to boost or refocus their growth plans helping them build a focussed and actionable growth plan which achieves their vision of the future.

Jacinta Magee, Principal, The FD & CFO Centre

Jacinta’s passion is helping SMEs to achieve their potential.  She works with a portfolio of clients and her career has encompassed a wide variety of industries including professional Rugby clubs, Hotels, Venture Capital, Financial Services, Healthcare and Tech.  Jacinta has worked with a range of businesses, all with differing corporate and funding structures and end goals.  From this, she has developed her expertise and enthusiasm for helping companies modernise and grow, especially through developing the skills of their finance teams and the use of technology across the whole of the business.