The implements Exchequer to fly above the rest

Brought to you by IRIS Enterprise Software

Business and accounting software provides web-based retailer with fully integrated web and back office system to drive excellent customer service

Thehopstop, a new start-up online supplier of travel accessories, has implemented Exchequer from accredited reseller Deans Computing. Exchequer from IRIS Enterprise Software provides Thehopstop with a seamless back office system, which is fully integrated with the company's website to provide visibility of orders and stock levels in 'real-time'. This provides Thehopstop with an accurate overview of customer orders at all times ensuring that the organisation is always able to service its customers' demands for stock.

Thehopstop specialises in supplying businesses with travel accessories to improve the effectiveness, safety and comfort of employees who do a lot of business travel. This also improves the employees job satisfaction and lifestyle. In addition to this, the company has that caters for the consumer travel market providing the traveller or holidaymaker with all their travel accessories at one stop.

Exchequer downloads any orders from Thehopstop's website on a regular basis throughout the day. If stock is running low or products are ordered on a back-to-back basis Exchequer automatically generates a purchase order which is then sent to the relevant supplier to ensure the required stock is instantly ordered for the customer. Data uploads from Exchequer to the website are performed daily or as required. Included in the upload is the order status code of individual orders, enabling customers to track the status of their order online, providing excellent customer service.

Neil Preston, Managing Director of Thehopstop comments, 'Exchequer provides us with a fully integrated web and back office system that enables us to view sales information in 'real-time'. The level of automation within Exchequer means that we can avoid getting bogged down in manual admin tasks, which enables staff to stay focused on core business activities at all times. In addition, Exchequer is very scaleable which means the system can grow with us as the business expands.'

The versatility of the OLE report writer module is a key benefit for Thehopstop as it provides a seamless link between Microsoft Excel and the financial management data held within Exchequer, enabling Thehopstop to import and export data effortlessly in order to review and analyse management information.

Preston comments, 'It is imperative that we are able to receive timely management information in order to give us a snapshot of business performance. The report writing functionality within Exchequer enables us to generate management reports automatically which helps to support the decision-making process as we continue to grow the business.'

During the next stage of development Thehopstop is intending to install Sentimail®, a proactive business alert module that enables users to be notified of business-critical information via SMS text messages or email ' for example, when money has been received, or when a new order has been placed.

Thehopstop's implementation of Exchequer is valued in the region of £15,000.