The importance of being cybersecurity conscious

9th Apr 2020
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With everyone working from home since the lockdown started, it is important to have secure systems in place to protect sensitive client information.

Payroll bureaus store large amounts of sensitive information about employees, including their names and bank details, making them a primary target for cyber-attacks. When working from home, the risks increase, since more people need to access the data from different remote devices. However, this doesn't need to be a problem if you are using the right technology.

Your payroll bureau needs to have all the appropriate security measures in place to assure your clients that their employees’ data is safe in your hands. Investing in payroll software that has strong security measures in place will give you and your clients the peace of mind you need.

According to a new report by cybersecurity experts OGL Computer, HR is particularly susceptible to cybersecurity risks, with cybersecurity issues such as data breaches and payroll fraud happening often.

Many payroll departments still don’t have the necessary controls in place, which means they face risks of payroll fraud and cyber-attacks such as data injection, authentication hacking, cross-site scripting, exposure flaws or request forgery.


However, your payroll software should not only need to help you avoid security breaches, it also has to help you be compliant with all the current regulations. For example, businesses that don’t comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) face the threat of huge fines.

Since the introduction of the GDPR, over 89,000 breach notifications were reported to the European Data Protection Board as of 22nd May 2019, which shows there’s still work to do on that front.

BrightPay’s cloud add-on BrightPay Connect gives employees access to their personal information, which they can review and modify when necessary and keeps the information safe – all requirements under the GDPR.

Secure data exchange

BrightPay Connect works in conjunction with your BrightPay desktop application. Both systems “communicate” with each other, and this exchange of information is carried out on a safe channel with maximum security.

BrightPay Connect has security measures in place to avoid attacks and it uses the Microsoft Azure platform to give users reliability, scalability, data redundancy, geo-replication and security updates.

Learn more about BrightPay Connect and its features, including cloud backup and employee self service.