The Importance of Branding for Accountancy Firms

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What comes to your mind when you think of the word branding? Is it catchy jingles, outlandish logos and glossy adverts?

Is branding something you only really associate with the big companies like Coca-Cola, Apple or Ford – the companies that are very visible to almost everyone?

When it comes to the world of accounting, it’s not always clear where branding fits into this market. This is particularly so for small firms that are not quite on the level of the Big Four in terms of reach or budget.

However, paying attention to branding, no matter what your business is or the level it’s at, has some clear benefits.

For those not aware of or working on branding strategy, they could be missing out on opportunities to push their business into the spotlight. In today’s post, we’ll detail the prime benefits of investing time and money into branding for your accountancy firm – and how we can help with that.

Get recognition

Branding strategy is what makes you think about that one brand above others when the discussion of a certain product comes up. It’s why you associate a certain tagline or image with your favourite brand of chocolate. It’s why Coca-Cola is the first thing you think of when you see that big red Christmas truck.

Associations like this are what all companies strive for with their branding because it helps you stand out and get noticed in a sea of competition. This goes a long way in winning new clients and keeping existing ones.  

Strong, consistent branding that catches the eye makes your firm recognisable and memorable. This familiarity can help to push potential clients to sign up. People will almost always prefer to go with a firm they are more familiar with.

Competitive edge and credibility

Having strong branding also puts you miles above the lower level firms who have been hesitant to embrace things like branding and digital marketing.

If your branding is strong, this will make you look more credible and professional, which can push your firm ahead, even if you have a relatively low budget.

Customer loyalty and trust

With accountancy services, it’s very important to ensure that you’re building trust between you and your clients. Dealing with financial information is a delicate matter and clients want someone who’s consistent and trustworthy.

Branding helps to build consistency, professionalism and therefore trust. Branding strategy forces you to carefully consider every decision you make and how it affects your target market. This means you’ll be able to closely match the expectations of potential clients.

Three ways accountancy firms can work on their branding

Carefully considered image

There’s a reason why logos and colour schemes come to mind when thinking about branding – visuals are a huge part of it.

The first step in developing a strong image is ensuring that your imagery is modern, clean and suitable for your target audience. If it’s all a bit dated, it might be time for a little touch up. Competition is fierce, so a clean, easy-to-navigate website with updated logos and layout is important to help you keep ahead.

The next step is keeping everything consistent across all your mediums including your website and social media channels. This will help you to become more recognisable and familiar with your target market.

But it’s not all about image

While imagery is a huge part of branding, it’s also evident in the way you communicate with your audience. The content you push out through your blog and social media and the wording on your website, all contribute to a brand image that is reflective of your firm.

Nowadays, there’s a preference for conversational language over stilted formalities. This helps you to appear friendlier and more approachable, which helps to establish trust.

Highlighting your competitive edge

Ideally, you want clients to land on your website and quickly learn what makes you different.

This is difficult to do when there are so many other firms out there offering something similar, but it’s not impossible.

One of the ways firms try to stand out is by offering additional services. A prime example of this is offering access to bookkeeping software as part of the deal.

Being able to offer this can help to propel your brand and give you that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Clients will usually choose a service where they get the most out of their money and this option provides additional value.

However, developing your own software is very expensive and time-consuming. So, it’s simply not an option for many firms with lower budgets. However, we have a solution:

Brandle – branded bookkeeping software for your firm

That’s why we developed Brandle – our own bookkeeping software Pandle, branded for your accountancy firm.  

Brandle allows you to use our software to manage your clients’ accounts easily. But when your clients log in, it’ll be your company name and branding they see, not ours.

You’ll be able to host our software on your own domain, meaning that all the traffic you get will be boosting your website, not ours.

The colour scheme, wording and of course the logo, will all be fully customisable to ensure that your branding efforts are front and centre. This helps to keep everything simple and consistent for your clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brandle or our other partnering options, you can follow this link. Simply tell us a bit about your needs and we will come up with the best option for your firm.