The innovation battleground of payroll and cybersecurity

6th Sep 2019
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For many years, the average small business was an unlikely target for a sophisticated cyber-attack. Things have changed. SMEs are doing more business online than ever and they are using cloud services that don’t use strong encryption technology. It’s turned your average SME into a likely, lucrative target. There’s a lot of sensitive data to be had, and if it’s behind a door with an easy lock to pick then all the better. 

This new reality bears out in government statistics. Over four in ten businesses (43%) and two in ten charities (19%) experienced a cybersecurity breach or attack in 2018, according to the government’s cybersecurity breaches survey. Three-quarters of businesses (74%) and over half of all charities (53%) surveyed also identified cybersecurity as a high priority for their organisation’s senior management. It’s likely GDPR and its stiffened sanctions for breaches and blunders has a lot to do with this heightened priority.

Payroll processing is a key innovation battleground in this new era of hacks and data regulation. Clients want the convenience of online access to their payroll information, but they also demand (and require) the very best in security. Cybersecurity is a valuable way to add and demonstrate value, with very little actual effort on your part. A payroll bureau using the most secure cloud payroll facility will offer data security as standard.

Meanwhile, the security itself is handled by the software supplier and the infrastructure they provide. When using BrightPay Connect in conjunction with your BrightPay desktop application, for instance, all communication between both systems is carried out on a safe channel with maximum security. 

BrightPay utilise all manner of best practice to guard against nefarious tactics such as data injection, authentication hacking, cross-site scripting, exposure flaws, request forgery, and the many other types of vulnerabilities. BrightPay Connect utilises the Microsoft Azure platform to give users reliability, scalability, data redundancy, geo- replication and timely security updates out of the box.

As a payroll bureau, cybersecurity is a critical commercial battleground. You must be able to promise security to both current and prospective clients. By investing in payroll software that offers cloud integration powered by the latest tech, that’s an easy promise to keep. Being at the bleeding edge of cybersecurity has never been simpler.

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