The MTD lesson in Nike’s famous slogan

Brought to you by Clear Books plc

The Nike slogan has a very interesting back story. The advertising executive who made it up borrowed the last words of a executed prisoner Gary Gilmore. Given the death sentence for the murder of two people in Utah, Gilmore had just three words when asked if he had anything to say before he faced the firing squad. He said, “just do it”.

Sheer grit and determination

Responding to reporters, who thought the words of a madman were a strange slogan choice, the advertising executive said the choice was less about the man behind the words and more about the sheer grit and determination that Gilmore showed. It’s about taking on the impossible, even if it might seem slightly crazy to do so.

Let your favourite spreadsheet ‘do a Gilmore’

Accountants are the ultimate Excel gurus. There’s a sense of excitement in a nested IF statement that reconciles perfectly. Making Tax Digital, however, aims to reduce the errors associated with copy/pasting from Excel to HMRC VAT Returns, so accountants face a ‘just do it’ moment. They can eliminate the online accounting software from their consideration set and rely on bridging software, or they can embrace the efficiencies and practicalities of cloud-based collaboration and let their favourite spreadsheet face the firing squad.

We say, ‘Just do it’.

Small practice owners are the ultimate multi-disciplinary athletes. From client management, to human resources, to billing, to sourcing and IT; they’re ‘always on’ and working hard. They have the same grit and determination to ensure their business succeeds against their local competitors and the big four.

The question therefore becomes ‘what’s the best software for my practice and our clients’. And if that means moving from something familiar to something new and innovative, the risk might just be worth the reward.

What’s best for you and your clients?

All major providers of MTD-compatible online accounting software like Clear Books will demonstrate their software and let you take a free 30-day trial. We recommend you try a few of these solutions to find out what the best software is for you. Try asking these important questions through the trial process;

The product

  • Does it provide the right level of access for the accountant and the client?

  • Are there feature-rich, simple data entry, and internal-only user options to cover your client-base’s spectrum of tech-capabilities?

  • Does the product support the VAT schemes you need (e.g. cash and accrual accounting, flat rate scheme, payments on account, etc)

  • Is the solution cloud-based so every employee and client can access the software?

The provider

  • Where is head office based?  What is their focus?

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Are they listed on HMRC’s compatible software list?

  • How does their pricing model work?

The support

  • Is support available by both phone and email?

  • What training and other support materials is available?

  • What hours does support operate?

Every marathon begins with a single step

If you’re ready to ‘Just do it’ and take the leap to learning about MTD-compatible online accounting solutions visit Clear Books website, book a free demonstration or begin a free 30-day trial.