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Smart accountants use Ignition to win more clients and get paid for the work. An automated...
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The online hack that converts website traffic into paying clients

3rd Jun 2020
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Smart accountants use Ignition to win more clients and get paid for the work. An automated...
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It won’t be news to most that a website is a business’s most important marketing asset, and accounting firms are no exception.

Prospective clients are unlikely to scroll through Instagram for #AccountantInspo or be convinced by a glossy image in a magazine. Instead, they’re much more likely to conduct a thorough google search or rely on referrals to identify potential firms for their requirements.

Testimonials, meet-the-team pages and a slick interface are all important parts of the online sales pitch, but too many firms fail to convert traffic from an attractive website into client meetings. Practice Ignition has developed a feature that bridges the gap between website browsing and winning the client: The Web Connector.

How does it work?

The Practice Ignition web connector plugs into your website and allows clients to ‘sign themselves up.’ When clicking through a website, leads that are interested in your services are able to select the package they want, customise their scope with additional add on services, and submit their contact information. Here is an example of what the pricing packages can look like from Practice Ignition Founder, Guy Pearson's accounting firm Interactive Accounting.

Practice ignition pricing packages

Once a prospect clicks on the enquire button, it triggers the web connector which will capture some key contact details in order to generate the proposal.

Practice ignition web connector

The moment your lead has submitted this enquiry, Practice Ignition will instantly create a draft proposal in your account with all of the selected services and client information. Importantly, this will also include a fully customised engagement letter with the relevant service terms. 

What kind of lead uses the web connector?

Web forms within a ‘contact us’ page are still very useful opportunities for inbound enquiries. However, the web connector separates leads who are very keen on using your services - ‘hot leads’ - from those who might be speculatively browsing or less ready to commit.

Rather than leaving the content of the enquiry down to the potential client, the web connector guides them through a pipeline of main services, add ons and contact details. Here is an example of what the add ons can look like for prospects.

Practice Ignition web connector add-ons

This qualifies your lead and filters those who are ready to sign up immediately from those who might be more focused on trying to secure a discount, have a bespoke service or compare you with lots of other candidates. Because of this, firms using the web connector are likely to exchange a contract with a client within a day or two of the initial enquiry.  

How does the Web Connector close more sales?

Any sales trainer will tell you that quick response times are an essential part of successfully closing a deal: do not play hard to get with a client. The Web Connector facilitates a quick sign up and means that you can have your automatically created, professional-looking proposal and contract sent out to a lead within 2 minutes. Here is an example of what the proposals can look like.

Practice Ignition proposal

Some Practice Ignition firms will choose to give the lead a phone call the moment they’re notified of the enquiry, where they will talk through the enquiry to confirm the service choice before sending out the proposal in Practice Ignition. Either option allows you to respond quickly to a client and, most importantly of all, create and send the legally binding contract in a couple of minutes. This avoids a lead verbally agreeing to your services, but then disappearing by the time you’ve managed to knock together an engagement letter formalising the agreement.

Why is this better for the client?

When your website is your sales pitch, transparency is essential. If a customer is presented with clear options and all of the relevant information they need to make a purchase, they’ll quickly and confidently weigh up positive and negative aspects of the purchase and will, even at this early stage, start forming a trust with the seller.

The web connector clearly displays your service offering and gives a high-level overview of what a customer could expect from a working relationship. The less ambiguous you can be about your service offering, and what is included, the more confident your client will be in their choice, the more faith they’ll have in your practice and the easier you’ve made their decision-making process.

Equally, clients who submit a request through the web connector will be keen to start working with you as quickly as possible, so to be able to issue an engagement letter and sign them up within minutes will be an impressive start to your new working relationship.

Do you want to find out more about the web connector and how you could use this in your firm? Book a meeting with a member of the Practice Ignition team to hear just how easy (and rewarding) implementing the Web Connector can be.


Alice Best - Practice IgnitionAs EMEA Partnerships Manager, Alice has introduced thousands of partners to Practice Ignition. She works with Accounting Bodies, Tech Firms and Consultants to spread the word across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Passionate about automation, Alice aims to take the fear out of technology and shows firms how easy automating the perfect onboarding process can be.