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In a recent blog post, I talked about BrightPay’s new Bureau Feature - Client Payroll Entry - and how much of a game-changer it is. But BrightPay is spoiling you rotten because they not only have one, but two, new super awesome time-saving features for bureaus. This second feature goes hand in hand with the Client Payroll Entry feature and is called Payroll Approval. No no, it’s not a BrightPay team member standing over your payroll books and saying “yes, very good”. It’s a way of ensuring the payroll information is 100% accurate before the payroll is finalised. How? Well, let me tell you!

Like payroll entry, the current system for getting payroll information from clients and approving payroll with the client is clunky and clumsy. After the bureau has done all the work they finalise the payroll and send a copy to the client for approval, essentially doing it blind as this is all based on the assumption that all the information provided in order to achieve the final result is correct. There are almost always mistakes and these mistakes are only picked up by the client once they are sent the finalised payroll for approval.

So now the client has noticed that they forgot to tell you about an employee who moved back home last month and that another had her baby already so they tell you what changes need to be made either by email or over the phone. But actually, there was another employee who was off sick for two days last week because he drank the gone off milk in the staff room fridge but the manager forgot to record it so they ring you again and so on and so on. It’s like the worst game of tennis you’ve ever seen; just back and forth and back and forth.

Even worse is if the client doesn’t pick up on a mistake and approves the payroll you’ve finalised and then only notices the week after and then they’re calling you again, pointing the finger. You’re pretty sure it’s their fault, but how do you prove it? Are you going to go through the years of email exchanges just to prove a point? (I mean, I would. But I am petty and have a lot of time on my hands). The answer is no, you couldn't be bothered. So you grit your teeth and correct the mistakes.

Please welcome to the stage the new feature from BrightPay Connect - the Payroll Approval Facility! This feature allows payroll bureau users to securely send a payroll summary before the payroll is finalised. The onus is then on the client (yes the CLIENT) to review and authorise the payroll details through their online employer dashboard. Like payroll entry, this is all done through the BrightPay Connect portal which will eliminate the need for manual correction and endless emails. NOT ONLY THAT but the client is now accountable for ensuring the payroll information is 100% correct before being finalised. Just because you’re an accountant, it doesn’t make you accountable.

Oh and have I mentioned audit trails? Yes girls and boys, audit trails of all payroll requests that have been approved by the client. It includes each step taken by your client and includes:

  • approved and submitted payroll requests,
  • outstanding requests and files waiting to be approved or completed and
  • requests ready to be synchronised to the payroll software.

So next time a client accuses you of making a mistake you can politely direct her to the audit trail section.

Regardless of accountability, having clients conduct data checks and approval themselves will result in increased accuracy, reduced need to make edits after payroll has been finalised, resulting in time saved, greater productivity, improved client/bureau relationships and world peace.

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Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software


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