The Perfect Customer Journey

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If there is one aspect of business life that should unite all businesses, then it is putting the customer first.  It does not matter what sector, size or stage of business you are in, then

Putting your customer first should be where you start designing your processes.


But many businesses do not.  I attended a conference last year where senior members of a global business, were eulogising about the fact that customers came first and we have great Net Promotor scores (NPS).  Well, what have you been doing as a business for the last thirty years of your existence?  That could explain, why customers are deserting your business.


It’s not that easy or clear to people, why they should do this – I’m an accountant, we are all the same aren’t we?  Well don’t you realise that you can differentiate yourselves by your processes, some would say it’s the only way you can differentiate your firm.


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