The power of automation for accounting firms

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As the industry continues to evolve, firms taking advantage of automation will be a step ahead of the curve. From saving time to working in a way that suits you, there are a multitude of benefits waiting for you.

Futrli was born out of the frustration of not having real-time data. CEO and Founder Hannah Dawson was sick of being on the back foot with her data, so to ensure businesses and advisors would always be current and able to look ahead was priority.

Deliver powerful results, faster

Futrli automatically syncs with your cloud accounting package to pull in real-time data, therefore every transaction is up to date. Feeding into your reports and forecasts, you can guide your clients with an informed strategy.

Monthly reporting sees businesses operating in a minimum of a 30-day time lag. Therefore helping your clients work with real-time data makes decision-making far less stressful, so they can run their business with confidence. They’ll be able to plan and react in advance to seasonal changes. There will be no more guesswork, which is key to keeping their cashflow healthy.

This frees you up to sit down and get to know your clients, working out effective strategies for their business, and helping them grow and achieve professional and personal goals.

Work on your own terms

Log into your workflow applications from anywhere, at anytime, to catch up with work when you like, taking the stress out of being boxed into the traditional working week.

The ability to present client data so fully and in one place means you can work however suits you. Whether you’re traveling to visit clients, or have meetings away from your office, you can keep working on the go. Besides, face to face meet ups are always best so make the most of this flexibility.

Reduce errors to client data

Human errors from manual entry can add to your operating costs. Pulling live data into your reports and forecasts means that this part of the chain is eliminated, preventing any need for correcting mistakes. You’ll also save on operations staff, therefore streamlining your team, making sure every member of staff is contributing positively to your bottom line.

Work will be completed faster, therefore giving you the chance to focus on onboarding new clients. The hours spent on compliance each week can be reduced by half in some cases. You’ll be freed up to offer value-added services, which are the key hitters for revenue.

Further to this, you can alter your fees. Pricing out per service or even a fixed monthly fee means you’re not hurrying to complete tasks in a rigid timeframe - or worse, losing out on payment because jobs have taken longer than expected. Find out more about pricing and revenue here.

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