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In a previous blog post I talked about GDPR and the problems companies are facing with managing data consolidation and how the folks at Brightpay have designed a nifty bit of software to tackle this problem.

Brightpay Connect is a pretty darn cool bit of kit. I will talk about its many features in another post but today I want to focus on just one aspect of this payroll cloud portal.  Fasten your seatbelts kids, you’re in for a wild ride through the wonders of the BrightPay Connect online self-service portal.

Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie right? No it doesn’t, don’t be ridiculous, Sharon. It’s actually a super user-friendly feature that consolidates all employee payroll data into one place. Great for employers but even better for employees! You see GDPR was designed to make sure that employees had more control over their own payroll data and this is exactly what Connect’s online self-service portal does. FYI, this is not a feature that’s offered by every payroll software provider. In fact, not that it’s a HUGE deal or anything, but BrightPay won Best Payroll Software Of The Year 2018 so they are literally the best out there.

Let’s talk about the features of the online self-service portal.

  • Instant access to payslips
  • Payslip archive
  • Employee calendar
  • Request leave
  • Update personal information

Instant access to payslips - If you’re like me, a modern-day sassy woman who is living her best life then you are out and about. If you don’t have time to sit at a boring computer to access your BrightPay Connect online portal, as you’re very busy using that time to break hearts or be someone’s muse. Luckily BrightPay Connect also comes as a smartphone app. Hooray! Your employees can now go on a dinner date with tall dark and handsome Frenchman and login to see their latest payslip in case this Frenchman asks to go dutch!! Phew! Thanks BrightPay Connect.

Payslip archive - The archive stores all of employee’s previous payslips in the cloud, perfect if you’re like me and have a folder the size of an encyclopaedia under your bed with all your paper payslips taking up room. Having this payroll feature makes it easier for employees when they need to deal with student loan companies, mortgage advisors (or banks in general) and any other sort of financial application. Employees can easily download and access all of their previous payslips. It also stores P60s and P45s too which is a godsend for employees to access when they finish an employment.  

Employee calendar and requesting leave - The company wide employee HR calendar is actually so useful that usually a whole software package is dedicated just to this one feature. BrightPay have just casually thrown it in ON TOP of all the other amazing functionalities. Employees can request leave wherever and whenever, so when they're in the pub and the gang spontaneously decides to get tickets to Nozstock 2019, they can login on the smartphone payroll app and book the weekend off there and then (pending approval from your line manager of course). Employers can also see who else in the company is off at what times to coordinate the employee’s day off for when Derek comes back from Benidorm.

Update personal information - Employees can update their personal HR and personal payroll details at any time and they will automatically sync with the payroll software (again, once approved by the employer) which makes it easier if employees have to keep changing their phone number because the creepy lady at the gym who found them online keeps sending them pictures of her house plants (what, just me?). Employees can edit and amend their personal details including personal address and phone numbers.

Remember that all this is from just one feature of BrightPay Connect. As mentioned earlier I will talk about the rest in another post but for now I’m going to blow your mind one last time and tell you that one employer licence is only £49 + VAT as an add-on!! Do you know what else you can buy for £49? A double vodka Red Bull in Central London. 245 Freddo bars. A mani/pedi. My point is it’s a steal! For accountants there are even bigger savings which our discounted packages for bulk purchases. Get over to our BrightPay Connect Features Page and see it for yourself!

Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software


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