The Ultimate 2020 Tax Season Hub for Accountants & Firm Owners

7th Dec 2020
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Tax Season 2020 Hub for UK Accountants & Firm Owners

This year’s tax season is different in many ways. For starters, most of it was spent at home, with accountants juggling between running their firms remotely, while also finishing off the groundwork for filing tax.

And then, now with the Annual leaves and Christmas on our doorsteps, the tax season has become trickier, posing some new challenges for accountants like the following:

  • Resourcing and hiring for the tax season workload
  • Inviting new last minute clients
  • Catering to the changing needs of clients
  • Planning for January 2021 Rush to File the Returns
  • Keeping up Staff Member’s Morale & Preventing Burnouts within teams

Keeping in mind various factors like well-being, profitability, client management and team management, we have put together a resourceful tax season 2020 content hub to help accountants focus on the 4 important pillars of running their firms through the pandemic: staff members, clients, profits and themselves.

Your Guide to a Healthy De-Tax

De-taxication translates to the removal of toxic workload to improve an accountant's tax season profits. It's the healthy cleanse that you and firm needs each tax season to focus on this that really matter - you, your clients & your staff members.

If you are feeling bogged down by tax preparation workload this tax season and it's leaving you no time for managing clients or inviting new business - this guide is for you. It contains a 6 step action plan to distribute your workload and delegate leaving you more time for more progress this tax season.

In this download, you will all learn all the tricks to optimise your tax season for profits in 2020:

  • How to identify your perfect customer
  • How to set goals
  • How to use The Other Tax Gap to win clients
  • Quick wins this tax season
  • How to maximise time with clients
  • Much more…

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Self-Assessment Tax Return Checklist

Here’s a checklist to collect your client’s tax return data more efficiently and in one-go. It includes list of capital transactions, income info, outgoings and other reliefs.

How will the checklist help?

  • Helps you keep a track of collecting the receipts, invoices etc. For processing the tax returns.
  • Lets you exchange the list of requirements to your clients in one-go
  • Enables you to organise your data better

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Your Ultimate Conversation BattleCard

One of the top reasons business clients report for switching accountants is that their firm did not check on their changing needs. This battlecard helps you navigate difficult conversations with clients about their changing needs and pitch new offerings based on their new requirements.

From pre-meeting research, discovery to the pitch and agreement stage – in this download, you’ll find a detailed set of questions, planning tactics and tips to difficult conversations with clients:

  • How to be ‘essential’ to your clients in the post-pandemic period
  • How to implement the right strategies for them
  • Key challenges you will face with clients tackling tough period
  • How to proactively guide clients to plan for the future

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Success Stories: Improved Tax Season Profitability by 33%

Here’s a case study of how a Surrey-based Specialist Accounting Firm for Contractors was able increase their tax season profitability by 33% by outsourcing their tax return groundwork – so that they could focus on inviting new clients, reduce overhead costs and produce quality work without the pressure.

Here’s a look into their tax return outsourcing strategy:

  • How to select the right outsourcing partner
  • What to outsource and when
  • How to capitalise on your offshore team for profits

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Tax Season Horror Stories by Accountants

A compilation of short stories featuring – pulling all-nighters, combatting burnouts to tackling last minute clients and other tax season horrors – as recounted by CPAs from across the pond and UK accountants.

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4-Step Plan to Surviving Tax Season from Home

4-Step Plan to Surviving Tax Season from Home

Bound to our home-desks with the tax returns piling up on our desks, accountants and team members might be feeling a bit low in morale this tax season. Here’s a guide with a 4 step action plan to tackle the following areas:

  • Preparing Your Clients
  • Stabilising Staff members
  • Planning ahead
  • Choosing the right outsourcing partner

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The Magic Bullet to All Tax Season Worries

There may not be the magic bullet to all your tax season struggles, but making time to focus on the imminent issues at your firm. Here at QXAS, we help accountants and firm-owners make more time for their teams by outsourcing their tax returns to our offshore tax experts.

Book a free-consultation with one of our tax outsourcing experts today to discuss your tax season challenges and plan your 2021 with a stronger tax strategy.