The Ultimate Cloud Payroll Solution by Nomisma

25th Jun 2020
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The Ultimate Cloud Payroll Solution

Nomisma’s Payroll solution is feature rich and won’t break the bank. It is purely cloud based and you have the freedom of working on any device, anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You do not have to worry about using a device that has the software downloaded. Just grab your iPad, mobile or laptop, with a mobile dongle you could even work from the beach! 

Auto payroll – Our most powerful feature

One of our most powerful and definitely our accountant users favourite feature is our ‘Auto Payroll’ function which allows for automated submissions of Real Time Information (RTI) directly to HMRC. We even take care of sending the payslips along with the P30’s to employers. This is particularly useful for payrolls that do not change on a monthly basis or director only limited companies. Reduce your admin down to virtually zero! 

Interconnected Cloud Accounting Suite 

All Nomisma’s modules are interconnected and our Payroll module is powerfully connected to Nomisma’s Bookkeeping, Self-Assessment and CIS modules. PAYE details are shared with the bookkeeping module automatically and this is then shared across to the self-assessment module for tax return filing. In addition to this, you can also produce CIS returns for contractor clients. 

GDPR Compliant Employer and Employee Portals 

Say goodbye to unsecure emails and password protected files! Instead make use of our portals which can be given to your clients free of charge. They’ll be able to login and view a list of all of their employees, wages and useful reports. Their employees can also make use in order to obtain their payslips, p60s and p11ds that have been filed through Nomisma. 

Auto-enrolment and Pension Contribution 

Another important feature of our payroll solution is our link with pension providers – Smart, The People’s Pension, Nest, Now, Legal & General and Aviva. You are able to submit pension contributions including pension enrolment details of new employees direct to these pension providers. The calculated pension contribution is also shared with the payroll to be included in the payslips. 

Get in Touch 

All of the above features can be accessed on any device and from where ever you are. All you need is an internet connection. Our cloud-based solution provides you with a lot of freedom and does not tie you down to a VPN and its database connection issues.  

Become free and work anywhere, on any device. Contact us to get a free trial of our powerful cloud payroll solution at 020 3021 2326 or [email protected].