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The unstoppable evolution of AccountancyManager…

20th Jul 2022
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Did you know, there are now cars where you can unlock the doors and start the ignition using an app on your phone. Why? Because it’s easier and quicker than finding your keys.

This kind of news gives us tingles. It speaks directly to our passion for ever-evolving technology that solves daily problems, saves time and makes us go “Woah, we’re living in the future.”


At AccountancyManager, we’re not just living in the future, we’re building it every day – just like we have for the last five and a half years. 

We’ll never stand back and say “Yep, AM is complete, good job guys.” There’ll always be new ideas that can make your life easier. And we’ll never stop asking our users what they want AM to do next.

Here’s a quick rundown of our latest releases and what’s coming up.

Coming soon: Task List evolves into full-blown Workflow

The automatically generating Task List has long been a core – and much-loved – feature of AccountancyManager.

The Task List generates an ongoing list of Tasks for you and your team, using your clients’ accounting dates and deadlines. It gives you one place to plan ahead, pass work between colleagues and keep track of jobs as they progress. 

Sounds great – and it is – but we always knew it could be even better with a little (!) development. 

Get more clarity, consistency and control – with Subtasks

This summer, we aim to release our biggest update to the Task List since AM’s inception. (Even bigger than Target Dates.) Our new Workflow will be the most comprehensive workflow on the market.

  • Break Tasks down into Subtasks, so each Task is effectively a step-by-step process for completing each job across your practice.
  • Allocate Subtasks to different people, so when each Subtask is completed, the next person is notified and can start their part. 
  • Create groups of Subtasks within a Task, as milestones. Give these milestones their own names and, crucially, their own deadlines. 
  • Use the progress bar on each Task to keep track.

May 2022: Confirmation statement filing with Companies House

We’ve always been able to ‘pull’ dates and deadlines from Companies House. This integration is very handy when you’re onboarding new clients (or importing lots of existing clients).

Now, we’re able to both ‘pull’ Confirmation Statement information from Companies House into AM and ‘push’ any changes back again. As our first foray into filing, this is kind of a big deal. 

Complete the whole CS01 process in AM

Now, instead of opening up Companies House, finding the right codes, entering client information, and paying – simply complete the whole CS01 process in AM. 

It's a much easier interface than the Companies House website, which is old and clunky. It just simplifies it.” – Leigh Coombs

  • 14 days before the Confirmation Statement Date, AM will pull through the client data currently held by Companies House and populate a CS01 Records Request email.
  • Your client can check over the details in the email and either confirm they’re correct or let you know of any changes.
  • You’ll find the CS01 filing wizard in the ‘Companies House’ tab on the Client File. If there are any changes required to the Trading Status, SIC Codes, Shareholders or Share Capital you can make these changes via AM.
  • Review the data for a final time before submitting the filing to Companies House. Your account will be billed for the Companies House filing fee (£13) and AM processing fee (£2+VAT).
  • AM will notify you once the filing has been accepted by Companies House and will record the submission, time and date-stamped, on your client’s Timeline.

January 2022: Customisable Dashboard 

You can now add, remove and shuffle around the widgets (snapshots of information) you see on your overview page – that’s the first page you see when you log into AM. 

Perhaps you want to see which automated emails are queued up and ready to go? Or the last invoices that were paid? Or the number of clients and prospects you have? Or staff timesheets…

Simply click the lock icon in the top right corner and your dashboard’s your oyster.

You can even choose to see job progress with the Task Progress Overview widget. You can filter this information by service and how soon the deadlines are – within the widget itself.

Don’t forget the biggest developments from 2021

  • White-labelling the Client Portal

You could add your brand colours to the Client Portal before (and you still can) but your clients would still see AccountancyManager in the web address (URL). 

With white-labelling, the Client Portal can look like part of your website, giving your clients a better experience – with no AM in sight.

  • Five new integrations

Adding to our existing integrations with Xero and FreeAgent, you can now also sync client information between AM and:

  • Zapier (opening up connections with hundreds of other software)
  • Sage
  • QuickBooks 
  • GoProposal
  • Office 365

This means you can use AccountancyManager as your ‘master data’ source and guarantee that the other software you’re using has matching data. No more data entry, risk of human error or double, triple, quadruple-checking different systems.

  • Winning our 3rd LUCA and 2nd Practice Management Software of the Year 

We were over the moon to be recognised again by the bookkeeping and accountancy industries with two new awards. 

These awards have set our standards – and the expectations of our users – extremely high. As always, we plan on meeting and surpassing those standards and expectations again and again.

And there’s more… upcoming features for e-signing, time tracking and fees

Our Product team (James, Miriam, Clint and Liston – previously on our Support team) is currently mapping out a number of projects for the coming year.

  • E-signing 

In the Client Portal, you can upload documents for your client review – and they can sign them right then and there. It couldn’t be easier, but there could be more options. Look out for these new additions:

  • Different types of signature: Wet (with a pen), typed or imported
  • Adding signatures in different places in the document 
  • Asking your client to provide multiple signatures
  • Time tracking 

These are just a few of the new functions to look forward to within time tracking – there are many more, we’re just not quite ready to unveil them yet…

  • Drag and drop time on your timesheets – just like you can on Google Calendar 
  • Record time from any page in AM – so you won’t have multiple tabs open 
  • Configure time settings – for example, customise your time types, set your preferred time format (0.5 vs 30min) and billing increments – whether to round up or down and when


  • Fees and invoicing

Once again more is on its way but for now...

  • Recurring invoices – this will come as fantastic news to a lot of our users, build and send recurring invoices in AM (then just sync them with your accounting software using our integrations)
  • Set service fees and the way you bill – weekly, monthly, quarterly or on completion 

Have your say on AccountancyManager’s development

If you use AM at your practice, we want to hear from you. Suggest and vote on features on our Feature Roadmap and we’ll prioritise the functionality that’s most important to you.

Check out the AM Feature Roadmap

You can also submit feedback within AccountancyManager by clicking on the ‘Feedback’ widgets that you will find across AM. Your your input and suggestions go directly to our Product team and shape what the future of AM will look like.

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