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KeyPay is an entirely cloud-based and automated app that eliminates the pain points associated with...
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The value of integrating payroll with other software

2nd Mar 2023
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KeyPay is an entirely cloud-based and automated app that eliminates the pain points associated with...
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Have you ever heard the term, ‘work smarter, not harder’? 

When you’re seeking a piece of software for your business, your main objective is to streamline complex tasks. Most of the time, these tasks are related to large amounts of data. 

For example, payroll software will automatically calculate pay due to a client’s team based on the number of hours worked. As a result, you don’t have to manually calculate or input this amount of data yourself, instead taking a birds eye view of activity and saving a huge amount of time. 

It’s a great position to be in, until you want to get that same data into a different software. Say you want to have that same information also in your accounting software to manage your monthly books. 

Suddenly you’re back having to deal with tiresome manual data imports, which can take hours to complete – and that’s not to mention any time spent organising the data to fit the new software parameters. 

That is, unless, your original software has great integration capabilities.

What is software integration?

Software integration is when two pieces of software are able to seamlessly connect and share information. 

Most pieces of software that you use will have been created by different developers and will serve vastly different functions, yet they may have some data that is relevant to another piece of software.

As each piece of software is engineered differently, it’s not a given that one piece of software will be able to integrate with another. The developers of a piece of software have to intentionally connect with other platforms and engineer this into their software’s capabilities. This is generally done by working with what's known as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Why are software integrations so important for businesses, accountants, and payroll bureaus?

If you’re conducting professional services, software that has smart integrations will be your best friend! 

Without software that integrates seamlessly, your tech stack might be creating problems for you - not solving them. You might find that you’re spending hours importing and exporting data, which leaves you (and worse, your clients) open to human error, data duplication or data mismanagement. These are things that no one wants to consider when dealing with vital business services.

But enough about the drawbacks of missing integrations. Let's look at the benefits of advanced software that has these great capabilities.

3 key benefits of software integration for businesses, accountants and payroll bureaus

Time savings

One of the best things about software integrations is they generally communicate data between platforms instantly. 

Everyone knows that data entry is an incredibly dull and time-consuming task that most professionals will do anything to avoid. It can take up hours in the day that could be dedicated to other more strategic tasks. It can also require additional headcount within your team, with many businesses needing to hire someone to manage large amounts of data moving between programs. 

With integrations, this is no longer a concern! Your team can enjoy time savings which will likely lead to cost savings too. 

Client satisfaction

The easier your software is to run and connect, the more you can offer your clients. You can pick up new systems that enable new services, expanding your capabilities. 

With a full-service offering that has a low risk of error, you can deliver a great experience for your customers – every time. 

Better returns on investment

Sourcing, implementing and utilising software is a time and money investment, and you’ll want to get the most out of that investment that you possibly can. 

When you find software with great integrations, you can be guaranteed that your money is going further. You can not only save time on things like data entry, but you can also intelligently trigger actions from one program to another - meaning that you’re using your tools in a smarter way and exploring the full potential of their capabilities.

What platforms does KeyPay integrate with?

KeyPay has a number of integrations that make life easier for businesses, accountants and bureaus. 


Combine FreeAgent and KeyPay for a seamless payroll-to-accounting experience. This incredibly smart integration can help you manage a huge amount of your clients’ business administration, helping your team and clients more connected and confident.

Employment Hero

One of the best ways to connect business operations for your clients is by integrating your HR and payroll software. Connecting these platforms allows you to keep all of your clients’ employment operations in one place, and allows their employees to manage everything HR and payroll from the Employment Hero app. 


Combine Xero and KeyPay for a fully-featured small-business workforce management and payroll experience, compliant all year round.

“Absolutely love KeyPay and its integration with Xero. KeyPay support is brilliant when needed, but once everything is set up it’s an absolute breeze.” - Chrissie Smith, KeyPay and Xero Integration User


Combine Roubler and KeyPay to automate the entire employee lifecycle, eliminating paper and streamlining your HR & payroll processes. Automatically sync timesheets ready for payment in KeyPay.

KeyPay also integrates with…

  • Quickbooks Online
  • Freshbooks
  • Quickfile
  • Netsuite
  • PensionSync
  • Sage Accounting
  • Sage 50Cloud
  • Zoho Books
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • HR Partner
  • Telleroo
  • Comma
  • Deputy

Streamline your services with KeyPay

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