Thinking of Adopting Cloud Accounting Software? Get a Quick Visual Run Through with Pandle

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It seems like everyone is talking about cloud accounting these days. With all the chatter, you might have reached a stage where you’re considering it for your own accountancy firm.

But where to start? We’ve put together a video guide to introduce you to what cloud accounting and Pandle can offer your firm.


Features to help your accountancy firm grow:

Pandle offers accountancy firms a specific set of features that will be invaluable when adopting a cloud accounting system for clients. Watch our videos about these features and how they will be useful to your firm below.






Invoicing tools

Pandle has a range of invoicing features which will enable you to create manual and bulk invoices as well as send out reminders. Pandle also allows you to send out invoices with a link to pay through Stripe or Paypal to make it easier for users to bill customers.








We’ve integrated bank feeds so that you can automatically pull up transactions from a bank account in Pandle. We also offer custom imports that allow users to upload statements of any kind into a Pandle account.





VAT Returns

Pandle has been designed for the UK market and supports both cash accounting and flat rate schemes. With it users can also invoice customers in the EU by submitting EC sales through Pandle. In addition to this, we have recently announced that users will now be able to submit their VAT returns directly through Pandle. This will save users time and reduce the likelihood of mistakes as our software will be able to alert them to possible errors.






Reports and analysis are important for any business, using Pandle with your clients allows them to see how well their business is doing with clear reports on their finances.

Pandle also creates real-time tax estimations and reminders so that your clients are less likely to forget about their tax liabilities. This will also save you time in reminding them.





We’ve created Pandle with ease of use and simplicity in mind for both clients and accountants. With our new white labelling service, Brandle, we’ve opened up our software to accountancy firms to use with their clients but under their own branding.

Have you got any questions about how Pandle can help your company grow? Visit our website here for more information or get in touch via [email protected].