This is the one word your clients need to hear from you right now

26th Nov 2020
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Growth is the word. Allow me to elaborate, by starting with that old chestnut.....Brexit

Deal or no deal - what's the difference?

Many of your clients are going to experience some sort of shock to their business come the 1st January. All of them have already encountered the Covid shock, for better or for worse. Brexcit will be a different kind of shock.

Use Brexit as an excuse, if one was really needed, to ask them to imagine that their business would have to reinvent itself due to Brexit - how would they respond in order to grow anew?

When things are trundling alone nicely or even a little unsteadily but predictably , most SME owners are happy with what they are doing and where they are going. Growth is not top of their shortlist of things their businesses has to address.

Even with Covid many are weary and will just wait it out to see what the vaccine means for their enterprise.

But you need to call up and tell them you have one word for them - GROWTH. It's the only way to really focus their minds because growth is not easy and as their trusted business adviser sometimes you need to say things they may not find easy.

As they say, a true friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.