Three email notifications to help keep track of employee detail updates

27th Mar 2020
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We understand that it can be hard to keep track when employee details are updated. In order to get back that control and transparency, KeyPay has a built-in notifications email that will update you and your clients immediately of any changes to employee details, which can include:

  1. personal details are added and/or changed;

  2. bank details are added and/or changed;

And more!

Who can receive these notifications?

Bureaux have the ability to allow these notifications to be sent to clients of their choice in KeyPay. You can also choose to have employees (that is, the employee whose details have changed) receive email notifications. 

For example, employees can also update their own details from the employee portal, not only does this reduce the amount of time bureaux spend on managing employee data it eliminates the frustrating back and forth of handling employee requests with notifications tied into the process notifying employers of any changes and of course this can be customised further for complete payroll control. Clients and bureaux can also access the Employee Details Audit Report to see exactly what has been changed, by whom and when - providing complete payroll visibility for your clients.

Good management tools become great when paired with technology that gives clients more information. Without enhanced visibility, there are only so many benefits a tool can bring. It’s real-time data that allows clients to evolve their management practices and empower better employee performance.

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