Three ways in which CRM can improve your tax season

20th Dec 2019
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Did you know that you can connect your Zoho Books account with Zoho CRM to sync all your data easily? 

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Many firms use Zoho’s customer relationship management software to convert more leads and engage with their clients. By integrating it with your Zoho Books account, you can track and manage all your CRM and accounting information in the same place. 

But what advantages does the integration bring? Here’s what how it can improve your processes in the run-up to the 31 January deadline.

  1. Making communication easy

We know that one of the main pain points for practitioners during the self assessment season is managing the relationship with their clients. 

Practitioners need to ask their clients for missing information multiple times, answer to their (sometimes unreasonable) demands and even rework some of the returns their clients have made by themselves. 

A well-managed communication strategy will help you get through all this. A CRM system, for instance, can help you manage all your multichannel communication through telephone, email, live chat, and social media. It even allows you to get real-time notifications when customers interact with your business.

  1. Facing the unexpected

Zoho Books seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM to simplify communicating with clients and requesting info. With the integration, you can track and sync communication data on your CMS system and your accounting software at the same time -- so that you can also face unexpected circumstances more easily.

If someone in your office is off sick, for instance, the rest of the team can easily pick up from where they left it because they can see the whole communications process.

The integration is completely flexible, so you can choose which Zoho Books modules you want to integrate with your Zoho CRM account. For example, you can sync your contacts, choosing whether you want Zoho Books to fetch the information from the CRM, or syncing both ways so that if you make a change on Zoho Books or Zoho CRM, you will see the change on both systems. 

  1. Getting paid easily

After all the client work is done, there is still something else to do: making sure you get paid. Many clients don’t pay on time, and chasing clients for payments can take up quite some time.

To simplify the process, you can create invoices from Zoho Books for all your clients, regardless of where their information is saved, so you can invoice clients that you have added to Zoho Books or Zoho CRM. And once you’ve created an invoice in Zoho Books, the transaction will be listed under the transactions tab of Zoho CRM, giving you full visibility on your finances on both systems and eliminating the need to enter the same information twice.

Learn more about the CRM integration with this video: