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Timesheet and Project Management software for Professional Services

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Time is literally the most important thing for many companies.

6th Jun 2022
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Timesheet and Project Management software for Professional Services

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Something we hear a lot of is ‘how easy is it for my staff to enter their timesheets?’ We have put together a list of 7 things employers can do to make logging time as easy as it can possibly be.

1. Communicate with your staff as to why logging time is so important

Make your employees aware of the benefits of filling out their timesheets; More Billable Time = More Revenue = More Profit = Job Security & Salary Growth. It’s a virtuous circle that is in the employee’s own interests. For those working on fixed fee work, It means you can see in detail what projects are most profitable. By focusing on bringing in more of these types of projects will equate to an increase in practice profitability = Job Security & Salary Growth. Coretime’s custom data tags and extensive suite of standard reports makes identifying these profitable jobs easy.

2. Ensure your team have training on how to properly fill out their timesheets

Make sure your team completely understand how the system works. Invest in training sessions with the product team and take advantage of any resources they have to help your users get the best use out of the software. We find the approach of fully training a few key users works well as they can champion the system internally and be the go-to person for any queries the rest of the team have.

3. Send automatic timesheet reminders

Configure the system so that it sends alerts to the users to remind them to fill in their timesheets or maybe just a tailored message to those that haven’t done it that week! Coretime allows you to customise the messages you send and the times you send them to make sure that timesheet and project data will be in the system when you need it.

4. Make it easy for them

Do as much as you can to make it easy for your team to fill out their timesheets. Ensure that people only see their own projects, jobs are marked inactive so they aren’t available to book to, only relevant activities are there to select and that people are being charged out at the correct rate. The easier it is for your team, the more likely they are to fill their timesheets in without any fuss.

5. Link Expenses to your timesheet system

Employees always want their out of pocket expenses paid, by having a system that has time and expense entry on the same screen encourages users to fill out both. Having a standalone expense management system can also cause collation issues as they often fail to allow the expense data to be analysed against a project. Thankfully, Coretime does both.

6. Multiple entry points

Rather than just have the timesheet available when you’re in the office, why not give staff access to their timesheet (and Expenses, of course) from anywhere via a web browser? Better still, give them the option of filling it out via an App to make things even easier.

7. Make sure you’re filling out your timesheets too

Practise what you preach. Your team are much more likely to fill their timesheets out if they can see that you’re doing the same.

Want to find out more? Speak to one of our team today and find out how Coretime can improve your timesheet adoption rates and help your business track its time and project information more effectively.

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