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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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Tips for Sage - How to automatically capture multi line invoices?

17th May 2022
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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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Manual data input of invoice data is one of the most time-consuming tasks within any Accounts Payable Department. For this reason, companies using Sage are implementing PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage, a powerful OCR Software fully compatible with Sage that captures all relevant accounting data, even on multi line, multi-page invoices.

In order to learn more about how Sage users are automatically capturing and processing multi-line invoices, just take a look at the video below or click here to subscribe to a free online demo of PaperLess for Sage.

Multi line invoice data capture for Sage is powered by PaperLess Invoice Recognition Software for Sage. Subscribe to your free demo to learn more about the best invoice data capture software for Sage.

  • Automatic Data Capture for Multi line Invoices
  • Automatic Identification of Invoice VAT Codes
  • Full Customisation of accounting fields to be captured
  • Fixed priced which includes unlimited number of invoices and transactions

What differentiates PaperLess OCR from all other invoice data capture software available in the market?

With PaperLess OCR Software, Sage users can easily customise the accounting data they want to automatically capture. This means that with PaperLess, Sage users are not limited to just a reduced number of fields read by the OCR Software.

Besides capturing invoice amount (net and/or gross), date and invoice number, PaperLess OCR for Sage can also capture departments, projects, cost units, details, second ref fields, etc.

Sage Add-On OCR Software - Click to learn more about the best Invoice Data Capture Software for Sage 50 and Sage 200

Invoice Data Capture for Sage is powered by Sage Add-on PaperLess Software. Click here to learn more about the best OCR Software for Sage 50 and Sage 200

Unlike many other OCR Software available in the market, PaperLess Invoice Recognition extracts invoice data in real time so that Sage users do not have to wait hours to get their results back.

Also, with PaperLess, posting transactions to Sage happens instantly and at the click of a button. Manual import of CSV files or having to wait hours for the transactions to be visible in Sage is something that Sage users do not have to experience with PaperLess.

Even though all the items mentioned above are quite important differentiation factors, maybe one of the most distinctive aspects of PaperLess OCR is the fact that with PaperLess Sage users can automatically attach invoices to Sage.

Yes, that is right… PaperLess is far more than just an OCR Software for Sage so whenever PaperLess posts a transaction into Sage it also automatically attaches the invoices to the corresponding transactions in Sage.  This way, by using PaperLess OCR for Sage, Accounts Teams can automatically upload invoices to Sage.

What is the difference between PaperLess OCR for Sage and PaperLess Multiline Recognition?

PaperLess OCR for Sage is an invoice data capture technology that Sage users can use in case they only need to automatically capture invoice totals and not post the invoices on a line per line basis.

With PaperLess Multiline Recognition, Sage user can automatically capture all invoice data on a line per line basis. This enhanced OCR Technology for Sage, enables Accounts Teams to retrieve all data from the invoice in a fully automatic manner, independently of the number of lines or pages on the invoice.

Multiline Recognition for Sage also offers Sage users access to automatic capture of invoice summary lines. This powerful feature was developed for those Sage users that post transactions into Sage not based on invoice totals or on a line per line basis but based on the invoice summary lines.

With PaperLess Multiline Recognition, Accounts Teams can then have invoice summary lines automatically captured and posted to Sage. With the powerful intelligence module built-in PaperLess Multiline Recognition, even have the corresponding nominal codes are automatically populated for each VAT rate.

Click to learn more about invoice line per line capture for Sage. The best way to automatically capture multi line invoice data and automatically post it to Sage.

How does PaperLess OCR price compare to other OCR Software Solutions available on the market?

With PaperLess OCR for Sage, Sage users can process unlimited number of invoices and post unlimited number of transactions into Sage without any additional cost.

Yes, while most other solutions available out there charge Sage users per each invoice processed with PaperLess you will only pay for the number of users that need to access the system. Therefore, it is much easier to keep costs under control by using PaperLess because you can always decide on the number of people that will have access to PaperLess while you have no control over the number of invoices your company will receive on a monthly basis or the number of transactions you will need to post to Sage.

Book your free demo of PaperLess Invoice Recognition to learn more about invoice data capture on multi line invoices.

What are Sage Users Saying About PaperLess OCR for Sage?

“Amazing, cannot believe I have never heard of PaperLess everyone needs to get their hands on this program.”

Sharon Harkins Office Manager RAD Hotel Group

“PaperLess is a great system to use as it is a lot faster than approving the pile of paper”

Nicholas Reyes-Ramirez, Everyman Media Group’s Finance Assistant

 “the main change is that we have a central filing system that can be accessed by everybody without the need to (mis-)file paperwork, and greater control of both the Sales and Purchasing systems.”

Paul Adams, from JACOB

“I personally think it’s great. It allows me to enter invoices without the requirement to manually input all of the data and then refer to archived documents with ease”

UKFast Finance Director, Joseph Ryland

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