Tips to meet client demands while avoiding stress

13th Jul 2020
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Accountants have worked tirelessly to keep on top of the government guidance and help their clients, but now they’re at risk of burning out. Here are some tips to help you meet client demands while avoiding stress.

Prioritise tasks

Create a to do list of tasks in priority order. This will help you tell where you need to focus your time for the day. Setting deadlines for tasks can increase productivity, but will also give you the opportunity to shift your focus once your tasks are completed. 

Avoid multitasking

Although multitasking might feel productive at the time, it isn’t the most efficient way of working. Your full attention won’t be on one thing, which makes it easy to make mistakes or feel overwhelmed. Instead, work through your to do list methodically with one task at a time. 

Take regular breaks

Whether it’s getting a coffee, chatting with colleagues or family, or going for a walk, taking regular breaks gives you time to reset before starting the next task. Pushing yourself to keep working without breaks is tiring and can lead to decreased engagement.

Manage your schedule

Set up your schedule so you can meet you and your practice’s needs, but make sure you have time to take care of yourself too. Identify your most productive times and put your focus there. Make sure you factor in breaks, and are able to meet your personal needs too. If you have childcare commitments, talk to your practice to ensure flexibility.

Create a work life balance

It’s easy to think about the demands of work once the day is over, but try to create a routine that lets you shift your focus. Spend time with family and friends, exercise, and do activities that you enjoy. Balancing your energy between your job and social life will allow you space to relax and come back to work refreshed.

Talk to HR

If you’re suffering from stress, burn out or feel your health is becoming affected, talk to your HR team or manager. Your practice should have procedures in place to help make your work more manageable, or to offer you support to recover. 

Use automation to help you save time

Accounting software with automation can help you save time and make your workload easier. Using features like bank feeds, bookkeeping templates and bulk recording can reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks so you can focus on the more complicated projects at hand.

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