Top 10 'favourite things ' about AccountancyManager

26th May 2021
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When deadlines loom, when your list is too long, when you’re feeling overwhelmed… Simply remember a few of our users’ favourite things about AccountancyManager. 

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are all very nice. But what about clients providing information early? Being able to track every task in your practice? Or making actual plans for weekends and evenings in January? We’d take that over schnitzel with noodles any day. Chosen by you here is a top 10 of your favourite things about AccountancyManager. 

10. Not having to remind or chase clients 

Kicking off our countdown is Khyam Chudhry, owner of Fortuous Ltd, with his fervent plea to other AccountancyManager users. AM’s Jonathan had just mentioned that some don’t switch on the automated record requests and reminders - one of our biggest time-saving features.

No, they must turn it on! Trust me, otherwise, we end up chasing clients. Let them call you. Please turn it on, make your life easier.” 

Khyam Chudhry, owner of Fortuous Ltd

“Imagine I'm doing it manually,” Khyam explains, “I'm sending all these reminders - what if I make an error or I’m not available? I could be sick. I could be busy. I could be doing a million other things, right? At least your side of the job is done. You have reminded clients that you need to do these things and you can prove it on the timeline.” 

Clients respond so much quicker, I get information out a lot quicker. It works really, really, really well.”

Carolyn Monton, owner of Monton Green Accountancy

Carolyn Monton, ex-KPMG and owner of Monton Green Accountancy is glad she’s turned on automated emails and texts too. “It took me quite a few months to switch it on. I had thought ‘I'm just going to use it for my work scheduling’ and not use the automation side, but I should’ve switched that on from day one.” 

9. Having a stress-free Christmas, New Year and January

Pippa, co-owner of Creative and Numbers, used to work in the TV industry, before training as a bookkeeper and launching a practice with her childhood friend, Vicki. Thanks to automated emails and the automatically generating Task Lists, January is no longer worse than a TV shoot.

“We ‘did a January’… I was nearly on my knees.” Pippa said. “I mean, I've worked long hours on TV shoots, into the night - but I just thought, 'I'm not doing that ever again.' Then this year, we didn't work one weekend in January and it was actually quite painless.”

Even on the last day of the month I was finished by lunchtime. I couldn't believe it, I thought 'I might open a beer now!" 

Vicki, co-owner of Creative and Numbers

Vicki, on the other hand, had done many January's. “For 18 years I've worked seven days a week every January. I literally don't have a day off and I work long hours. This year I didn't do any of that." 

8. Staying on the same page while working remotely

Anna Nikolovska, owner of Digital Accountancy and her team have been working different hours - in different places for over a year. “I just don't know how we would have done it without AccountancyManager. I'm still reviewing the work done by the bookkeepers, so they’ll mark a task for approval. Then I see a notification saying 'to review'. Once I'm happy with it, I change the task to 'reviewed' and the bookkeepers know they can send it to clients for approval. 

I don't think we would’ve survived this year without AccountancyManager, we couldn’t have worked from home.” 

“All of us have children at home and work at different times, but because everything is in AccountancyManager, everyone can just jump in and know where they need to start. If we didn't use AccountancyManager, we would be sending thousands of emails to each other and emails can be missed.” 

7. Managing workloads and relieving employee stress

Andy Sullivan, owner of Complete HQ, loves the Task List for keeping an eye on how much each person has on their plate. 

We can make sure those [deadlines] are physically achievable without our guys working themselves into the ground - because that's not why any of us are here.”

“Workflow management can be a huge issue in accounting practises, because not everyone has that visibility of what's going on. So for me to be able to go in and view all the tasks we've got, target dates and deadlines, it's a great thing.”

6. The Client Portal and keeping clients happy

Kamlesh Rajput is the owner of Sterling Finance. “One of the biggest credits I would like to give to AccountancyManager is the access to up-to-date information for our clients 24/7. Once a client signs up, they can see their private details, their UTR, their VAT deadlines, all of their documents, accounts, their P60s, whatever they have shared with us. This is one of the most basic, but to me most valuable services to our clients.”

Client satisfaction comes from two things: providing accurate information - at lightning speed. That's why we’ve found AccountancyManager so useful.”

Jonathan reminded Kamlesh of a new feature in the portal - now clients can log on and see what their tax liability is. “Yes!” Says Kamlesh, “As soon as we type in the amount, it gives us options - do you want to send email? This is one of the very, very good features.”

5. Having everything in one place 

Ben Thexton, owner of TAC Accountancy, is one of many users that love having all their client data, documents, deadlines, e-signing, internal tasks… and plenty more, all in one place. 

“What I like most about AccountancyManager - which is different to all the other softwares - is that you can do absolutely everything through it. Other software has portions of it, then you have to use other providers for bits which aren't covered.”

It's perfect from a compliance point of view that everything's in one software.”

“There's an e-signing function within AccountancyManager. (We get notified that they've signed it and it's date stamped). Same with AML. Same with letters of engagement. We can see an audit log of exactly where the client's up to.”

4. The cost vs the value 

Anna and Beth agree.“Even if I only had 50 clients I would still want it, I can't even imagine running this business without AccountancyManager. Maybe I shouldn't say it, but you guys are not that expensive.” said Anna.

In the very early days when you've only got a couple of hundred quid invoices coming in, is paying £30 for a software worth it? I mean, for AccountancyManager I'd say yes, yes, it is.”

Beth, 2 Sisters Accounting

3. Not having to enter data from Companies House, Xero, QuickBooks or FreeAgent (soon Sage and GoProposal too)

Ben Thexton thanked us for a couple of our recent integrations. “One of the features recently introduced was the client integration function with QuickBooks. Once the client is live, we can integrate it with QuickBooks and it pre-populates the customer data. So that particular feature we've liked. Obviously now it integrates with QuickBooks and Xero, so we put client data onto the accounting package of choice when they're on board.”

The linkage with Xero has been good. It means I've not got to keep moving screens.” 

Paul Cain, owner of Cain & Beer

AccountancyManager automatically pulls - and often pushes - information through from/to other places - for different things. Your clients’ accounting dates and deadlines come from Companies House - and you’ll get notified if anything changes on Companies House, including a client filing their Confirmation Statement. With the integration with HMRC, you can pre-fill info for your 64-8s. And from your accounting packages you can sync client information (in both directions for Xero and QuickBooks). Integrations with Sage and GoProposal are on our roadmap for this year.

2. Completely avoiding the whole onboarding debacle

Beth and Jessie are the two sisters behind 2 Sisters Accounting. The job of onboarding each client fell to Beth - on top of all her other responsibilities, including staying active on social media to attract new clients. She got to the point where she didn’t want to onboard any more clients because of all the ‘faffing around’. Until AM, that is.

It's gone from about 20 minutes, to about three, which is huge, especially the way we’re rapidly growing at the moment. It makes such a difference.”

“Literally as somebody is talking to me on the phone I enter them into the system and I can get the paperwork off instantly. All you need is a name and an email address and you can get them to fill the rest in themselves. Before we were doing it all in Word documents, you'd have to go in and start manually changing these templates and faffing around. Now there's no faffing.”

1. Saving hours and hours (and hours) of time

In at number one, the most mentioned ‘favourite thing’ from all our interviews: saving time. But not just saving time - doing great things for your clients and business instead of your admin.

If you can take half an hour of time out of chasing, that's half an hour you can spend giving your clients the best service possible.”

Harry Walker, Harry Walker Accountancy

So that’s that. Saving time and channeling back to your clients is officially better than brown-paper packages tied up with string - especially if they’re filled with receipts. 

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