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Top 10 features of company secretarial software

28th Feb 2024
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Bright was created in 2021 when Thesaurus Software Ltd. and Relate Software Ltd. decided to join...
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Tired of all the company secretarial hoops you need to jump through? You’re not alone. Between forming companies, updating registers, filing forms to Companies House and filing CS01s, it can be an admin nightmare.  

So, when it comes to company secretarial work, why not use a software to automate the bulk of the admin involved instead? And with automated PSC calculations, a CS01 checklist, easy company formations, dividend vouchers and waivers and distributions, company secretarial software is a no-brainer. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should implement company secretarial software to automate compliance, enhance the quality of your service offering, and take some of that heavier admin work off of your plate. We’ll be referring to the features of our own company secretarial solution, BrightCoSec, offers as a guide throughout this article. 

1. Automated PSC calculations 

Our automated PSC calculator not only calculates percentages, it automatically populates your PSC Register too (and this is done just by viewing share transactions). This removes the complications around PSCs and leaves little to no room for human error. BrightCoSec can also calculate joint shareholders, trusts, and non-RLE, ensuring full compliance, without you having to break a sweat.  

2. Quick steps to multiply efficiency 

When there are multiple changes to be made to shares and dividends, time is of the essence. Our Quick Steps tool lets you appoint, resign, allot, and transfer shares, and even distribute dividends in just one simple step. All of these can be neatly stored on your cloud library too.  The end result? You’ve just condensed multiple actions into just one easy step, saving your firm a heap of time and effort around company secretarial work. 

3. CS01 checklist 

Spending way longer than you should chasing clients for CS01 details? Well, our CS01 Checklist Client Portal lets you send checklists directly to clients via email. They can review, authorise, and make on-the-go updates from any device at any time (they could even be on the bus on their way into the office and send changes or approve their CS01 right there and then!). This lets you set a higher standard for customer service, but with much less effort required on your part. 

4. Automated emails for CS01 client checklist 

Adding to our previous point, since you can email clients their CS01 checklist once it’s ready to be reviewed, you can gain authority for filing CS01s without even having to log in. This seamless process means you can spend less time on nitty-gritty compliance work, and more time on more high-value tasks for your firm.  

5. Dividends dealt with effortlessly 

Dividends can be made quickly and effortlessly through the software. Just pop in the amounts, dates, class and type, and you’re ready to go. Minutes and vouchers can be created afterwards. You can download a dividend report in Excel too, saving you so much time and hassle once the end of the tax year rolls around.  

6. Pre-populated forms and minutes 

Rather than jumping between twenty different tabs looking for super-specific data, all you need to do is click a few buttons and forms and minutes can be pre-populated for you. This best-in-class pre-population tools save you oodles of time, reducing your workload so your submissions to Companies House can be done in just two clicks. 

7. E-filing reminders and notifications 

Do you rely on sticky notes around your desk for important filing reminders? While it may seem handy initially, it’s not a sustainable approach and may come back to bite you. That’s why our reminder emails have bespoke settings, so you can decide exactly what you receive reminders and notifications for. That way, no important tasks slips through the cracks.  

8. Formation service (at a discounted rate) 

We understand the monotonous admin that comes with forming companies. It’s just one of those tasks that eats into your week, bit by bit, without you really noticing. That’s why our company secretarial software for accountants lets you connect to a formations agent through the system for a discounted price. From here, the agent will form the company, register it on HMRC, and even provide the first board minutes and banking options. This lets you set up your client’s company on the right foot, without it draining a bunch of your resources. 

9. Corporate law services (also at a discounted rate!) 

The labyrinth of corporate law often require legal counsel, which can come at a steep price. But luckily, company formations aren’t the only thing we offer discounts on. Our legal pack service lets you consult corporate law experts for a fraction of the cost of a solicitor. That way, if you’re ever asked to do something out of your remit, you can reach out for a no obligation call to discuss it. 

10. Organisation made easy 

It can be easy to feel a bit frazzled when running a busy firm, but with company secretarial software, all of those tiny compliance tasks no longer need to slip through the cracks. 

We’re synced with Companies House to pull in important compliance dates, and we even notify you about bonus accounts dates, so you’ll never need to worry about penalties. 

Users can make their own to-do lists in the software too, so no more having to call a bunch of different people for updates. All of your cosec work can be easily viewed from the one place. 

Want to learn more about our company secretarial software for accountants

With these top 10 features, you can redefine your firm’s efficiency and reclaim your time. Company secretarial software isn’t just an aid, it’s an ally at your side to help you automate and organise your clients’ corporate compliance. Want to see our company secretarial software in action? Book a demo of BrightCoSec below to start your journey with us today. 

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