Top Tips to make the most of your Workpapers

5th Nov 2020
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Here at MyWorkpapers we understand that you may not always need to go through and individually answer every procedure. Therefore we allow you to 'bulk' sign off all procedures in a workpaper with just a couple of clicks. Simply click on the date for an existing sign-off, choose the date you wish to apply, and choose "Ok" for the bulk sign-off option.

MyWorkpapers is designed to be fully customisable, with most pages being completely modular in nature. To tailor your workpapers, go to the file drop-down and select "Edit mode". This will take you into our workpaper editor where you can add, remove and edit sections to suit your needs. 

To learn more about customising your files, visit our help centre at

The working paper index of a file is fully customisable. Not only can you move workpapers between sections, you can also edit their name and reference. To do this simply hover over the workpaper in the working paper index, and select the pencil icon. From here you can edit both fields as you wish, just be sure to hit the save button to confirm any changes.