Training at the heart of a digital evolution

9th Jun 2020
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Success stories come not only from having advanced technologies, data traceability and digital solutions, but also require consistent innovation and training.

Digitalisation and training have become an all-consuming driver for the accounting industry over the last few years as the sector is welcoming and discovering the digital landscape. As a company specialised in editing software, Gest On Line consistently puts these two objectives at the core of their solutions, so the challenge of responding positively to the digital shift was a simple evolution rather than a revolution.

With a clear focus on continued digital innovation and training, the future for Gest On Line is clearly digital and their ongoing investment in such solutions and education has paved the way for the company ensuring that it maintains its unwavering commitment to developing high-value and secure audit solutions in order to continue to meet the recent challenge faced by its customers: the digital shift…

With one of the most well-known solutions in the industry: RevisAudit, as well as a growing portfolio of digital accounting solutions; Gest On Line has over 10,000 clients and trains over 1500 users per year and is in an excellent position to meet the digital challenge head on. The company has a team of experts that are responsible for the training and development of its solutions and also organise an annual “Tour de France” in 6 cities across France to keep in touch with its users on a yearly basis and to ensure their questions and needs are all catered for. Over the past 10 years, Gest On Line has developed mature solutions allowing accountants to leave their paper trail behind and move ahead with the times all whilst managing the education and pedagogy required to adapt to these new tools.

Looking to the future, it is clear that digital solutions are becoming more and more sophisticated and readily available; with increasing requests to move to the cloud, remove local servers and as always minimise costs meaning that it has never been more important to edit new solutions with recognised experts. But with this shift comes many questions and misunderstanding and this is why when managing “the digital shift”, having trained experts within the organisation guarantees that what’s important to the client is in included in the software and what can be perceived as a digital gimmick or basically not essential is avoided.

In preparation for the “digital shift”, Gest On Line has developed, along with its accounting experts, 3 new highly innovative solutions along with the training required to adopt such solutions: Circulariz (A Cloud-Based Confirmation Platform), DreamAudit (A Cloud-Based Auditing Solution) and Closing-Report.  With this commitment at the heart of all their solutions the associated investment in new digital solutions and training has been crucial to building strong relationships with clients and prospects. By offering training to new and current clients Gest On Line can provide a fast, efficient and expert response to client training requirements, adding value by delivering high-quality digital solutions through a committed and skilled workforce.

If you want to find out more about Gest On Line’s innovative training solutions to overcome your digital challenges and to improve your audit performance please contact us at: [email protected].